About that little change we made in episode 4

July 27, 2009


I’m very sure some of you were not overly delighted on the change we made in Juuden-chan episode 4. What change? We used “Senny” as an English substitute/equivalent for “Sen-nii” and this little post is going to explain everything.

Jo-kun and me, SHiN, discussed this change over and over again. Following our no honorifics rule, in the first 3 releases, we replaced “Sen-nii” to “Sentou” in order to get rid of the honorific. However, there’s a possibility that Iono will call him “Sentou”, (actually, she just did in episode 4) and to prevent future conflicts, we again changed the name. After thinking long and hard, we decided to use “Senny.”

Why Senny of all names? Iono and Sentou are childhood friends so therefore, they are very close to each other. Kids often give their close friends or even siblings nicknames like Andrew to Andy, Bob to Bobby, etc. Following the context, we used “Senny.” Not too shabby, if you ask me.

We will stick with Senny until we find a better substitute. Complaints? None? Good! =)



  1. heh

  2. Fine πŸ˜€

  3. i thought that sen-nii was really easy to understand, his name with in part with older brother guy person, and if when she does just sentou it would another thing as well, senny makes it seem like his name is senny, but then i guess if you have a no honorific rule then there is nothing more to say but hope to watch episode 5 soon and thanks!

  4. No complaints at all, you guys had Episode 4 out not long after Episode 3 ^_^

  5. I would have to agree with ‘heh’, but it’s a small detail not worth making a fuss over.

    Some people like the honorifics, MOST people seem not to. So I must be in the minority, but again…Not really worth making a fuss over a personal pref.

    Minorities ho!

  6. I think “Sen-nii” would have been perfectly fine despite your no honorifics rule.
    It’s definitely a lot better than “Senny” which is quite jarring to read. If you can’t find a suitable English equivalent, I’d personally prefer you to leave it as it is, even doing the convertion to “Sentou is preferable.

  7. If I translated things my way, I’d say it wouldn’t even be a sub. because I’d probably leave blue sky and aoi sora and stuff like that. lol.

    so thank the editors for helping me to keep it back to no honorifics(I remember leaving quite a few for the first few scripts)

    why is Iono and Hakone so cute though. damn.
    hmm btw, we’ve got the fansubbing policy link at the right of our website, so you can check it out.

    anyway, if you guys have better alternatives, please do share it here too thanks ^^

  8. Ep5 -> Umi~! Umi~! Umi~!
    Bikini~! Bikini~! -> Note the one on Alesta~!
    Shokushu da~! Mille, don’t fight it~! YAY~!

  9. So I’m guessing you’re gonna do a v2 for eps 1~3 and replace Sentou with Senny in the final batch or something?

  10. @Anon:

    I dunno. We haven’t really talked about it. Probably on the DVDrips only.

  11. I prefer Sen-nii, then again I don’t need the Japanese culture washed out of my Japanese cartoons to understand them. Oh well.

  12. Passive aggressive much, ninjichan?

    In any event, forget what people like Japan-worshipin ninjichan think, you’re doing the right thing. A translation is a TRANSLATION! Go all the way or don’t bother.

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