Candy Boy 05 DVD is OUT!!!

August 1, 2009

Candy Boy 5 DVD

Yeah, she was more like sucking on it… With her tongue and all…

DVD version of episode 5. Script was translation checked by ~*HT*~ and made some minor improvements on the script timing, styling, etc. Episode 6 DVD coming soon!

Two subtitle tracks. Primary track contains the dialogue with TL notes and Credits. Secondary track contains the dialogue only.


Candy Boy 05 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Candy Boy 05 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

IRC (Bot):

Click HERE for the list. Go to our IRC channel HERE.

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The jolly staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. YAY!

  2. Excuse my ignorance, but is there a huge difference between the other Candy Boy 05 I downloaded from you guys and this DVD version?


    Huge difference. Video resolution is higher and clear. Audio is sharper and the script improved. =)

  4. Thanks, you are awesome! 😀
    Do you have any plans to release EX2 anytime soon too guys?

  5. I’m sorry if this has been asked before, I’m new here; but will you guys be releasing any batch torrents of Candy Boy? Or is there one out already?

  6. @CDP5280:

    There’s a batch torrent available for episodes 00, EX01, 01-04. We’ll update that batch as soon as we’re finished with episode 5 and EX02 DVD.

  7. Looking through my files . . . it would seem that to finish the series properly you need EX2 and episode 6 DVD. Is that correct? or maybe I missed episode 6 DVD somewhere?

    If by some chance I did miss a 6 DVD could you link? If not then at least let us know that a 6 DVD is in the works / planned 🙂

    Thanks in advance . . .

  8. @「ひきこもり」:

    Oh hey there! You’re correct, we lack episode 6 DVD and EX02. The truth is, I lost the VOB of episode 6 and I can’t get a new one because our FTP died prematurely. I already asked our raw provider to give us a new copy but it’ll take a while. EX02 will come very later; we’re prioritizing Aoi Hana. =P

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