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August 20, 2009

Aoi Hana_05b“They”… *ahem* … No wonder it broke!

Time to update you folks because you kept on asking us.

Kannagi DVD Complete Batch:

  • Finished re-encoding episodes 1-2. Episodes 3-4 are currently encoding.
  • Re-timing of scripts 1-4 are not finished.
  • Episode previews (episode 2-14) encoding and script timing are finished.
  • Scripts for the previews are not yet edited.
  • ETA hopefully before the end of August.

Candy Boy DVD Complete Batch:

  • Re-encoding of episodes EX01, 00-04, Music Videos 1-3 are on hold.
  • TLC for all episodes are currently under way.
  • EX02 is not yet translated.
  • Episode 6 passed TLC, waiting for QC’er approval but video encoding is on hold.
  • ETA unknown.

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan 07-08:

  • Timing for episode 7 is done.
  • Timing for episode 8 is in progress. ETA unknown.
  • First pass editing for episode 7 is under way.
  • Encode for episode 7 is ready.
  • Encode for episode 8 is not ready.

Aoi Hana – Sweet Blue Flowers -:

  • Episodes 6 to last are on hold. Will resume after Juuden-chan.

I think I covered everything. *ahem* So there you have it!


I created a blog that’s dedicate for yuri and if you have the time, please drop by. =) Link is HERE. It’s still young and I am currently looking for active yuri bloggers to post some delicious stuff there. I must remind you that the blog contains nudity, sexual themes and images. Enter at your own risks.



  1. I have ep 9 and I hope that means good news soon. but I doubt I can make it in time for a zomg triple release.

  2. it’s ok if you can’t make a triple release.. As long as we know that you’ll make them.. xD

  3. Candy Boy and Aoi Hana are both on hold?!
    And now I’m depressed…..How much longer does this ‘Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan’ go on for? I hope it’s not too long, I’m really wanting to see more Aoi Hana and EX02 of Candy Boy!

  4. i have a feeling this is gonna be long >_>

  5. About Candy Boy, all these weird 00, EX01/02, ONA/OVA and non-numbered names make me confused. I think I forgot to download the (now seedless) earlier stuff and I started with the wrong episode. What is the proper viewing order with corresponding filenames?

  6. @t:

    Please go to this LINK. Episode order are listed there. Also, please don’t archive those episodes. We’re making a new batch so if you really want the final copies, wait for it. =)

  7. @SHiN: OK I see, but what about:

    98M [SHiN-gx] Candy☆Boy Short OVA [DVD][704×480 XviD AC3][40CED2FC].mkv

    And maybe put a README or sfv in the next batch?

  8. @t:

    That’s our old version. It’s actually the ONA or episode 00 and not OVA. Our latest version of that episode is [SHiN-gx] Candy Boy – ONA [DVD][720×480 AR h.264 FLAC][v2][191EBB4D].mkv. We will add a ReadMe on the final batch.

  9. Erm, does that mean Aoi Hana eps after the current eps of Juuden-chan or after the WHOLE series? ( O__o) OMG how am I to survive until the next eps … Any good temporary substitute recommendations?

    Oh, and btw thanks for all those subs ^_^

  10. @SHiN: Thanks for your help! All good now and I watched it all (the order wasn’t really that important after all…) Can’t wait for EX02.

  11. Your Yuri Blog needs more updates. It’s been 2 weeks. I can help if you’re interested.

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