SHiN is bored. Posting something random.

September 28, 2009


“He (TL) translates lines he doesn’t know into random words.”

Alright, we admit, we laughed. Not because it’s true, we laughed because it’s amusing to see critics pretending to be experts on translation babbling away about translation inaccuracy. After thinking long and hard, this is our honest reply to the comment: “It can’t be helped, critic-san! Ore-tachi wa are not nippon-sugoi like you.” TL Note: Japanese read from right to left. We’re not saying we’re butthurt because of one negative comment, we’re saying your comments better hold water!

However, we do admit we’re not perfect at everything we do and sometimes we take liberties way too much. Like the The Stanley Kubrick line in Kannagi 14, the BDSM line in Juuden-chan episode 9, Plug’s various take-off lines, etc. I will not say “We’re doing this for free so we can do whatever we want!”, “Don’t like it? Sub it yourself!” or my personal favorite retort (which I hear more often), “We have a life!” An error is an error and we apologize for that. It’s either the translator misheard the line, editors’ modified it or the QC was too lazy or simply missed the errors. We’re human so we make mistakes. Of course we’ll improve, we’ll improve by replacing our brains with computers… I was kidding about the computer brain part.


If you want to know more how at we tick, please see the fansubbing policy page at the right side of this blog.



  1. wawawawawawa what happened?!

  2. “we’ll improve by replacing our brains with computers” sounds like Ghost in the Shell

  3. Your subs are awesome even though I don’t know Japanese. -_- Can’t wait for the final 2 episodes of Juuden-chan. =]

  4. hey shin just do whatever. since you started churning out animu you have become one of my favorite tripfags

  5. everyone not understanding that fansubs aren’t perfect as they are done by humans in their free time without being paid is a total moron, so don’t worry~

  6. Shingx I appreciate your subbing, and even if it is a fansub, it really looks very professional. And that is my humble opinion.

  7. Hey guys, what did you mean by “Gay? Probably.” line? And what group(s) you know will be translating it?

  8. ^DAMN IT! Sorry! I posted that in the wrong topic!

  9. any update guys? xD

  10. @Modhesh:

    Editor called in sick. Episode 11 is delayed. He’s back on his feet now and just submitted his work. It’s still a long way though. Our QC’er called it quits and I asked another one to QC. The new QC’er is rather hard to contact and it will further delay the episode. =)


    Well, thanks for the support. We really need some good vibes to keep us going. =)

  11. ok thanks.. Now I know what’s happening. xD

  12. time to finish things up.

  13. /me provides good vibes neatly wrapped in heart shaped box

  14. We appreciate your vibes 🙂

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