Looking for TLC and QC for Fall 2009

October 8, 2009


Before anyone starts bitching (pardon my language) about us fansubbing a certain yuri show and ignored other shows that are most likely won’t get subs, we don’t care and why should you care? Seriously, they’re telling us what to do? Who are you? yOur-Mom? We planned on fansubbing this MONTHS ago and there’s no way you’re stopping us.

However, we took pity on this and we actually picked another show to sub. I gave our translator, aero, 3 titles to choose from namely Kobato, Kiddy Girl-and and Yumeiro Pâtissière and try to guess what he picked. Surprise, surprise, our second project this Fall 2009 is Kiddy Girl-and!

In order for the Kiddy Girl-and Project to start moving, we need more manpower! SHiN-gx Fansubs is looking for a Translation Checker and Quality Checker! Our TL needs a checker to correct his script from errors and another dedicated QC’er to keep the grammar, punctuation, etc. in check. Our editors do the correcting and the QC’er for added insurance. He will also do the final checking for the Juuden-chan DVD version. Our current QC’er is busy and capable of checking one show per week. So with that, I’m assigning him to QC Sasameki Koto.

Translation Checker
– Knows Japanese in audio and text
– Has experience in TLC and is
– Dedicated!

Quality Checker
– Good at English
– Good at spotting errors.
– With high vocabulary is a must!
– Has experience and
– Is dedicated!

Interested applicants, please leave a comment here or visit our IRC and PM any OP or email us at shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com.

Oh, we’re still doing Aoi Hana and it’s not dropped because we have new Fall projects. We’ll jump straight to Aoi Hana after we’re done with Judden-chan. Candy Boy DVD Batch? After Aoi Hana. By the way, we’re changing the typesetting again for Aoi Hana due complaints of unreadable fonts. We mustn’t give you eye strain and inability to read the innuendos. =) I’m not saying you’ll understand all of them!



  1. “I gave our translator, aero, 3 titles to choose from namely Kobato, Kiddy Girl-and and Yumeiro Pâtissière…”
    Wow, talk about a choice between pest, cholera and… getting tortured to death over the course of several weeks? Well, all jokes aside, as obvious from above statement; not really my kind of shows. Nevertheless, good luck.

  2. @*Facepalm*:

    Ouch! Hey, don’t say that, just yet. Despite the rather silly and confusing title, KG-a is potentially a good watch. We’re expecting an improved story from the first series.

  3. Hehe, I’ll admit that KG-a seems the most promising. I might even watch an episode or two and see if my low expectations are unfounded.

  4. KG-a looks interesting! I think I might be interested in volunteering to help out with QC (my Japanese isn’t good enough to do TC yet :S ). Approximately what would the workload be like?

  5. My Japanese skills are pitiful at best (learned entirely from anime so you can imagine the limited vocabulary..) However, I am pretty good at English (a bit OCD about about it tbh ^^;;) and would like to volunteer to be a QC. If not for this show, then maybe projects in the future.

  6. ok this is troubling. I was intending on taking Yumeiro Patissiere as well if I had time as a 3rd project but it will be on lowest priority. That said, I just found out it was a freaking kiddy show(ok the art didn’t make me think so at first and the spirits were cute) so the chance of any other groups taking it is pretty low(and hey CR didn’t license it) so like what some of you guys would like, that for fansubbers to take on untl-ed anime, that’s what I’m doing. However, I’ve realised that ffs it was difficult to translate, especially the OP(me having a weak japanese is not helping obviously) so I’m going to either drop it or continue it if you guys don’t mind half-assed translations(blame my references, they don’t translate the OP/ED and some parts so I myself can’t translate it).

    Thus, I would like the general opinion of the fans on this matter.

    and back regarding the decision between kobato, KG-a and Yumeiro Patissiere, I knew kobato was probably going to be oversubbed(I got future sight), and well there is a possibility of KG-a being oversubbed too but I don’t give a shit, KG-a is too awesome to miss. so I told shin that I might take Yumeiro Patissiere only if i was free and that it remained unsubbed by week 3, but it would be on low priority.

    so I decided to do a trial run with Yumeiro Patissiere 1st and came out with that problem I mentioned above.

  7. anyone knows why shin-gx don’t need raw providers? heheheheheh.

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I2UCXPFR <– Sasameki Koto raw

  8. okay,I sent a message to that e-mail mentioned on this post, and I would just like to say something, I want to thank you for your fansubs SHiN-gx& Staff members. I really appreciate all the work,and also im glad i found this website/blog because your the people that got me interested in yuri anime 🙂 and i bow to you *bows* lol anyways,i hope you have great luck finding your new TLC&QC ^(^-^)^

  9. Oh, you guys don’t need encoder, typesetter Kara effecter or timer, T_T

  10. Thanks for taking on KG&

  11. > Quality Checker
    > – Good at spotting errors.
    > – Has eperience and
    > eperience

    Have I won yet?

  12. Do I need to know any japanese in order to be a QC?
    I’m very picky with details, and would like to take the chance to point out you spelled experience wrong :p

  13. I’ve never worked with a fansub group before, but I’ve always wanted to be a quality checker, because I hate fansubs with bad grammar. Lol. I used to be an anime club president, so I want to do this for the fans. Also, English is my favorite subject; in fact, I hope to be a novelist someday.

  14. @everyone:

    sorry for not replying to your comments and mails. will read them as soon as my home internet is back. ;_;


  15. Go Shin and company. xD

  16. so I assume it’d be sasameki koto > KG& > Yumeiro patisiere. since shin wants yumeiro. I need more motivation to work. someone give me 1TB/s internet speed pl0x.

    Eps 1 of everything is going to take some more time…

  17. hi i’m just asking if you are still looking for QC’s ‘cos i think i can handle the work, due to my enormous amount of free time, taken the fact that i don’t have a job that is, and also i think can also handle a little on the TLC’s but i can only translate on word per word not by sentence specially on the Kanji-ed words, i can read kanji by the way

    so i’ll be living me e-add here just pm me
    by the way don’t you have plans on making your own website ? if you have i might help you on that one too that’s my line, a web designer, so that’s all

  18. if u have new tlc and qc your release still be slow right?

  19. @mike: If people like you stopped pissing SHiN-gx off, then maybe they wouldn’t delay releases just to watch you leechers whine

  20. your right, freakonature00,

  21. ditto

  22. “they wouldn’t delay releases just to watch you leechers whine”

    ^lies, I delay releases to get shin to bug me o0

    bleh i just realized i might be better off as a TLC rather than a TL-er >_> if only there were people to take over my job Dx

  23. that is just a question. not meant to piss shin-gx. if so then i’m sory. they (shin-gx) already stated that they are not a very fast subber (literally), so i’m just asking if recuiting tlc and qc will help them faster release. if so i would like to help

    p/s misunderstanding is good. that mean you are human (again literally)

  24. well recruiting tlc and qc = possibly better quality releases(more skilled people to check quality of translations and other stuff), possibly more projects, but speed-wise it still depends on the members themselves.

    you could give me kawaii girls to get me motivated to translate sometimes =X not all of us take steroids like gg’s subbers. and uh no we don’t like drugs of any kind. wait, at least that only goes for me.

  25. demanding you to be like gg is ridiculous. you are free to do things on your own way

    the follow story is just a myth fansub.

    “….and they come up with a plan to do fast release of only the 1 epsd so that “fansubber fans” will follow all their release. so i asked myself if this is somewhat a psycological war. it is not fair doing thing like this to us. please stop. because they play with the fans heart like this so the fans have all the right to get angry and push the fansub to go faster.”

    again, u dont have to be like gg fansub. really. trust me. i love shin-gx

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