Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri Special 1 OUT!!!

November 21, 2009

Do dirty things and Mahoro will give you a good one on the noggin.

Surprise, surprise, here’s another release by yours truly! It’s not actually a SHiN-gx release but rather the combined effort of Mamiko and SHiN-gx Fansubs! If you’re wondering why Mamiko was interested in this special is because… uh… I dunno. Probably because Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto are ga-*ahem* have a good long history and uh… never mind. =.=

Anyways,  to those who are new to this anime, Tadaima Okaeri is a side story of Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful and you need to watch Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden to know the basic story and know the characters better. This special will work as a standalone but still, we urge you to watch the TV series first.

The MKV version contains two subtitle tracks: The first track or the default track contains no honorifics and the second subtitle track will contain the honorifics. If you’re feeling uneasy with the absence of the honorifics, simply switch to the second track. Unfortunately, the AVI version will contain the no honorifics subtitles and we will not release two AVIs. And… “OH MY GOD! 350+ MB for a 25 minute episode?! Are you kidding me?!” We’re not kidding and we love to think big, literally. =)


Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 01 (h.264+softsubs)
Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 01 (XviD+hardsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 01 (h.264+softsubs)
Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 01 (XviD+hardsubs)

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Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of Mamiko & SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. omg nice ga-*ahem* chart.

  2. Actually, Mamiko is straight. Sorry yuri fans, the thing with Ayako is not true, they’re just really close friends.

  3. what i’m interested in is how the chart came about ._.

  4. How rude – you could at least have given credit to the blogger who created the chart (j1mOne) instead of posting it as if it was yours.

  5. @kiki:

    Nice assumption there but we are not claiming the chart as our own. Where did we say we own it, hmm?
    Okay, okay, if you wanna be happy, I’ll credit j1mOne provided that he/she contacts me and claims he/she made that chart.

  6. I approve of the two subtitle tracks idea.
    btw Shin, when are you guys planning on finishing up the Candy Boy DVD rips?

  7. @lolque:

    After Aoi Hana and judging by our speed, we’ll release it around December. =)

  8. @aero: How did the chart came about? Mostly by listening to radio shows and reading VA’s blogs. The video (w/c was taken from a radio show) posted by SHiN is a prime example of where you can get an idea about VA relationships.

  9. well done, i’ve been waiting since mamiko is the best subber when it come to anime OVA (but still, the file size always quite interesting after all). thanks a lot & if you want to know that ep 2 is out already….hope you can subbing it soon. shin-gx, thanks to you too (is juuden-chan having season two? i just got another op single 2 of juuden-chan though….)^^;

  10. As long as you still use honorifics, that’s okay. Just please don’t go the gg way and omit them.

  11. @Kermes: what gg way. https://shingx.wordpress.com/fansubbing-policy/

    * No honorifics or any gratuitous Japanese.”

  12. So I guess “Onii-chan”, “Sempai” and “Sensei” are also simply replaced by the names of the respective characters? Can’t say that I like reading one thing, but hearing something completely different.

  13. @Kermes: Switch to the second track and watch. I personally had to blackmail SHiN to include a second track with all the honorifics intact because that’s how Mamiko rolls 😛

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