Juuden-chan!! – EleC*TriCk Music Video is OUT!

November 22, 2009

A certain somebody here will seriously take her home...

This is a short music video of  EleC TriCk by Aya Hirano (VA of Rona Elmo) and it was included Rona Elmo’s character album. We are not certain Plug and Alesta will get the same treatment and only time will tell.

Translation & Editing: the_paper
Raw: Hiromi
Encode, Timing & Typesetting: SHiN_aKuMa

Anyway, enjoy this ped-*ahem* catchy music video!


EleC*TriCk – Music Video (h.264+FLAC)

DDL: (Megaupload)

EleC*TriCk – Music Video (h.264+FLAC)


IRC (Bot):

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Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Any news about the OST?

  2. @Hayate19XX:

    According to our raw provider, there are no news regarding the OST.

  3. T_T

  4. how about plug and allester’s character cd?

  5. Allester = Alesta

  6. ok nvm. Alesta it is. xD sorry for the triple post. I btw, I love Rona cause I’m a lol- Aya Hirano Fan.

  7. @Modhesh:

    Official name is actually Arrester. =P

    We really don’t know about their music videos. So far, we only got Rona’s music video and I guess her video was a special case because uh… she’s Aya Hirano. If we find Plug and Alesta’s videos, we’ll release them. =)

  8. As you’d expect of Aya Hirano. Pretty good, thanks for this.

  9. EleC*TriCk – Music Video Xvid Added:


    Thx 4 Alot SHiN-gx for subbing the music video ^-^

  10. oops I meant thx alot 4 subbing this music video, sorry, I was typing really quickly Edit-XviD-Edit

  11. k thanks. Yeah, Aya Hirano’s a special case since she’s dubbing a Loli. xD

  12. what 😮 juuden-chan music video, cool, thanks for subbing this :p

    at least I’m gonna take her home…

  13. I’m pretty sure there are more than one ‘somebody’ who will take her home shin.

  14. … ^_^’

  15. xD
    Omochi kaeri!..

  16. > FLAC
    I hope this is a typo because FLAC sucks. You should always use NeroAACEnc (it’s free and it’s the best AAC encoder available).

  17. @-:

    You do know what FLAC is, right? And why it’s incomparable to AAC?

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