Project Updates 11-29-09

November 29, 2009

Right, It’s 26 days before Christmas and since I am bored, I will write down the status of our projects.

Aoi Hana

We’re now down to 2 episodes of Aoi Hana and if we’re not busy this week, we might finish it before Sunday. Scripts are yet to be edited and the encodes are standing by. First pass editor is having computer problems and he emailed me saying his machine was infected by a virus called i.lov3lolis.vbs and I don’t know why it’s called “I love lolis.” Probably a new variant of the I love you virus or something. Anyway, if all goes well, you’ll expect Aoi Hana before Christmas. How is our Aoi Hana 6-9?

Candy Boy

We’re revising the scripts again and this time, it will be under capable hands. New encodes are 70% finished. The episodes needs to be restyled with new readable fonts and better typesetting. I’m not sure when we will release the batch and I just hope we will distribute it before Christmas.

Mahoromatic: Welcome Home Special 2

TLC is still under way and will being editing as soon as TLC’er submits the script.


We need a translator for Koihime Musou OVA. =(

This will affect our current projects though. KIDDY GiRL-and 4 onwards, Sasameki Koto 6 onwards are now on hold. Aki Sora will not be affected because it’s one of our high priority. Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Onsen special and DVD rips are medium priority.

I would like to leave you with some screenshots of our upcoming Candy Boy. Just… ignore the file names. =)

Group Slave Driver



  1. why can’t girls love each other??

  2. yes they can.

  3. “Anyway, if all goes well, you’ll expect Aoi Hana before Christmas.”

    That’s right.
    I will.

    p.s. many thanks for all your work so far.

  4. “Sasameki Koto 6 onwards are now on hold.”


  5. it’s a real shame about sasameki koto, kinda liked that show, but well, I’ll put it on a hold as long as you don’t officially drop it …
    glad to hear about candy boy though, really look forward to that one 🙂

  6. shame about kiddy girl-and, but oh well, least im looking forward to Koihime Musou OVA and Aki Sora though, so its a good news bad news kind of deal, but least you were kind enough to inform us all.

  7. Mahorofans can rejoice now; the sub has officially cleared QC. It won’t be long now.

  8. I didn’t get that with candy boy? You will enconde again all of candy boy?

  9. @botherwill, that’s right. The whole series is being reincoded using DVD source.

  10. hopefully candy boy will be done before christmas

  11. Never noticed Candy Boy was like this.
    I’ll be waiting for your batch release ^^

  12. Juuden-chans uncensored DVDs are available now.
    Will you be upping them?

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