Evil Lesbian of the Year!

December 11, 2009


I actually watched Kämpfer and I must say, I enjoyed every bit of it. Sure the show was clichéd to death but it was still enjoyable. Great female voice cast, attractive character designs, decent music and you guessed it, it’s filled with pseudo-Yuri!


Anyway, what made the show enjoyable, I mean REALLY enjoyable for me? It’s because of Kaede Sakura – the lesbian on a mission and I’m happy to tell the world that she’s my number one character this season and my number one EVIL character for 2009!

Season 2, when?!



  1. LOL!.. when I thought Kazama was the evil one.

  2. I’m just hoping for a DVD release that does away with all that inconvenient foggy censorship. ^_^;

  3. can’t agree less, the show was kinda awesome – trashy, but really enjoyable. Only thing which I disliked was the censoring, but well … let’s hope for DVDs …

  4. The best character for me was, by far, Shizuku :3~

  5. Did you watch it w/ subs? and if so, then who’s did you use?

  6. looking at the picture and at the site banner…

  7. gg subbed it, and they’re subbing the X-mas special that’s coming up. Also: HOLY SPOILER ALERT, BATMAN! Not that it’s not totally obvious from the beginning of the show, but still…

  8. agreed, this post is a huge spoiler for anyone planning on watching the show, luckily i was already like 9 episode in.

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