Juuden-chan 1-2 DVD are OUT!!!

December 27, 2009

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Another Christmas present for you guys!

Changes? We re-translated and re-edited the scripts and the translation for the lyrics are based off the official lyrics. We re-styled and re-timed the scripts and the episodes are now truly 100% softsubbed. We removed our logo on the title because we think it’s obtrusive and not really necessary. Hey, at least you can now take a screenshot of the title without our name beside it!

For the usual question – “What are the big changes in the DVD version?” Uh, it’s in widescreen format and uh, wait!  Watch it and find out? Yeah, seriously, do that! More questions? Our FAQ page is very happy to answer all of them!

Torrent and DDL:

Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of  SHiN-gx Fansubs


We’re still working on Candy Boy… God, I need to sleep at least 8 hours a day…



  1. Thanks ^_^ btw is the Special’s audio FLAC?

  2. *why


  4. Thanks have been waiting ^^

  5. Thanks ^^

  6. If anyone who watches wants to talk about any major changes in the show on the DVD’s.. please do 🙂

  7. http://blog.seiha.org/2009/12/fight-ippatsu-juuden-chan-dvd-01-very-very-censored/

    is this true?!?! oh man…

  8. well.. i certainly hope not.. haha 😀

  9. “very very censored” as in the blogger censored the screenshots to (tongue-in-cheekily) maintain his/her blog’s “borderline… PG-13… rating…”.

  10. Thank you very much.

    About you removing your logo. That’s like a breath of freash air to me in this day and age. The fan-subbing pissing wars are out of controll.

  11. thank you! this is fun to watch

  12. Wow, that camel toe is making me feel sorry for Plug. O.o

  13. now we’re talking!..

  14. Not too many differences. Some framing of the TV version was removed since now, in widescreen, it’s not needed. Anti-piracy warning in the beginning, added eyecatches. They added Alesta reviewing the quotas or something at the end before the OP, and the next episode preview was almost totally revamped. Script changes too, but an improvement.

    Who did the encode? Was it the same settings as the ATX version? The lines on this release are not nearly as sharp and the color gamut is smaller, fades to white are darker and they seem to have less dynamic range.

  15. o yeah!

    a double release, thanks =)

  16. thank you. can’t wait to check it out.

  17. @Any-mouse:

    In the TV rips, I used a handful of filters to restore the video (not really a good restoration job *ahem*banding*ahem* and all) and while on the DVD rips, I wasn’t trying to restore the video so what you see in the encode is almost practically identical (with the exception of minor noise reduction and minor color adjustment) to the source. Regarding the sharpness, I guess my anti-aliasing filter was a bit strong.


    Another addition to the DVD: You can hear the EleC*TriCk song by Aya Hirano playing on the background in the Sunday Mama family restaurant.

  18. Ha ha, and I didn’t even notice the banding. XD

    Good job as always!

  19. hell yeah 🙂 Thanks a lot for subbing this awesome show 🙂

  20. When will the next DVD in the Shops?

  21. Please lower you file size.
    I want to put all Juuden-chan video (shin-gx) and audio (nipponsei) in 1 DVD.

  22. how long the show for the file size about 300mb++??
    usually the special series only 3-6minute only..

  23. Which one is better? DVD version or old avi one? Cos i want to know if it same as DVD version or not better then it. So i can download the whole ep 12.
    Cos i really enjoyed DVD Version ep 1-2 and i cant wait to watch more ep of it! So i want to know it is worth it waiting for dvd version of next eps or simple just download any other avi or mkv eps?

  24. @Mobin1:

    Obviously the DVD version! If you want to watch the TV rips, go ahead. The only HUGE change is the TV rip version is 4:3. Translation and editing-wise, the DVD version is superior because we re-checked and re-edited the script. If you ask me, go watch the TV rip version if you’re that impatient. =D DVDs will be available once every month.

  25. j00 guyz are awsome as usual. I’ve got a love hate relationship for this series, Saito’s DV tendencies and the golden showers suck. But the girls are fantastically cute~sexy fun and the hentai borderline ecchi is grand. DL the DVD rips atm so I’m replacing the TVsubs as it goes.

    While I like high res quality, the files keep getting larger and larger, which kind of sucks since a 1 terabyte drive is supposed to get more storage space for more videos instead of quickly filling up with episodes that clear nearly over 1 gig for just 3 episodes.

  26. Thanks for your work. 🙂

  27. Im currently downloading the other version.
    and I can stop it anytime if this version is much greater.

    so, is there a big difference?

  28. @Takuya:

    What other version? IIRC, there are no other groups ripping the DVDs. If you’re referring to the TV rips then there are big changes. One being this version is in widescreen format.

  29. ah’ yes, the TV rips.

    so, only the widescreen format is added?

  30. @Takuya:

    For the 4 episodes I’ve seen, some of the sound effects are replaced with better ones, there’s an additional scene in episode 1 involving Alesta and the anti-piracy videos you see in CR are available in the DVD.

  31. Torrent down ?
    Pliss Re-Up Torrent 😀

  32. @LeecherBot:

    Get the episodes from the alternate tracker here:


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