Project Updates 12/30/09

December 30, 2009

Exaggerated sample subs. Do not take this seriously.

Right! I know some of you were disappointed that we failed to deliver two shows before Christmas, it was… kinda expected… You see, SHiN-gx is synonymous to Red Tape.

Anyway, our status report!

Aoi Hana 10-11 are currently at the hands of our TLC’er (TL of our Aki Sora project, in case you’re wondering) and our editors are waiting to get their hands on them. ETA? Not sure.

Candy Boy DVD batch is running smoothly. Encoding the new batch was a hassle and I, SHiN, is now encoding a new batch. Typesetting is now different from the old version and this time, the fonts are readable and less eye straining. Scripts are also in the hands of our TLC’er and she finished episode 00 and episode 01.

We have not dropped, I repeat, we have not dropped Kiddy Girl-and and Sasameki Koto. We’ll resume fansubbing them AFTER we’re done with the old projects.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I uploaded the FINAL VERSION of Candy Boy 00 and if you’re interested or curious about its output, you can get a copy here:


Candy Boy ONA [h.264+FLAC]


Candy Boy ONA [h.264+FLAC]

In case you didn’t know, Candy Boy is the group’s pet project and the only series SHiN (that’s me) fell in love with. With that, we will do our best to give you the best possible subs out there. Also, I will honestly answer all of your questions like “what’s up with the huge filesize? etc.” AFTER we release the final batch torrent (potential rant and other stuff).



  1. you guys rock šŸ™‚

  2. I understand u fell in love with this immoral, but so cute anime !
    We’ll be able to wait ! ^^

  3. I haven’t seen this yet. Looked at some eps on youtube and looks good, hope to grab it all in your batch.

  4. May I ask something? ^^

    I’d like to know if there are any differences between this final version of ONA and the old one you uploaded in the past?

  5. @PinkiiGirl:

    Translation is a bit more accurate, encode is better, typesetting are easy on the eyes (I hope).

  6. Candy boy wasn’t my favorite anime, but it does hold a special place. I always find Sakuya enjoyable to watch and the sisters teasing each other is entertaining.

    And lol @ “sugoiest”.

  7. im waiting for all series of Candy Boy to be subed and with dvd rip.

  8. Your exaggerated subs are the best. I lol so hard every time! šŸ˜€

  9. Hey, just a question, where do i get the proper audio codec to play your files, because the music videos and also episode 7 of Candy Boy has unsupported audio codec. Thanks

  10. @Skarlath:

    Have you checked the How to Play Anime page? Link is on the right side. It has everything you need. –>

  11. Yea, i’ve tried what it says, but i still come up with a missing codec for audio T_T. Any other ideas?? Sorry for bothering you, but you’re subs are the best on the Internet, and i’d rather not have two separate sub groups for 1 series.

  12. @Skarlath:

    Well, go to the CCCP website and download the “Insurgent.” Open it and it will display all codecs installed in your computer. Uninstall those codecs except CCCP of course. If it still doesn’t work, you have to download the FLAC codec here:


    Hope this’ll fix your problem. =)

  13. Thanks, i’ll try that. Hopefully it works XD

  14. Will you guys be releasing a batch file for all the Candy Boy episodes and its related contents?

  15. @Yi:

    Of course… Provided that our TL will return. =)

  16. Has Candy Boy Episode 6 an DVD encode like the others? I was looking arround and found nothing about it and because I can’t use any torrents, they were out of question. Any helpful person?

  17. @Junimond:

    We haven’t encoded episode 6 using the DVD source. There are some DVD rips out there but unfortunately, you can get them via bittorrent only.

  18. Was this really the last update about Aoi Hana? Pretty-please, could you fill us in? I’m in longing…

  19. @Reese Gardnier:

    The person responsible for check the scripts is MIA for months now and we can’t move without her. We are considering assigning a different person to check the last two scripts but we, or rather I decided to wait a little longer. If she doesn’t show up after April Fools, I’ll assign our translator from our Working!! project.

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