Mahoromatic Episode 01 Blu-ray OUT!!!

January 20, 2010

I have successfully caught your attention.

In before people expressing displeasure about the resolution and mentioning about the masters used for the Blu-ray weren’t true HD to begin with, the huge file size, etc. Oh and I have yet to learn the art of ordered chapters.

It’s finally out, folks!


  • Script re-timed and two lines were re-edited.
  • Changed dialogue font and size to improve script visibility/readability.
  • Added translated signs in the OP theme.
  • Some of the typesetting were improved.
  • ED theme translation improved using official lyrics.

To those who still insist on using the VLC media player or any media player for that matter, the typesetting in our release are not broken/off timed. See here, here and here for the sample screenshots of our typesetting.

Trouble playing the episode? No audio? Video broken? Video stuttering? Go and check out our How to Play Anime page for guides and tips on how to improve your viewing experience. For CoreAVC users, please update your  codec to version 2.0!

Now then, this is actually our first Blu-ray rip straight from the source and we’re all kinda excited to see this out. =) Oh and please visit Mamiko and thank them as well!


Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 01 [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 01 [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)

IRC (Bot):

Click HERE for the list. Go to our IRC channel HERE. (bot is still down)

Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible! Episode 2 coming soon!

The jolly crew of Mamiko & SHiN-gx Fansubs

Critic Response:

I, SHiN, still have a long way to go of becoming a true Jedi–Encode Master but I am doing the best of my power to deliver a good-looking encode  to everybody and to those who are calling me an incompetent, two-bit encoder: I’m sorry I failed to meet your expectations. I am taking your comments to heart and I am will further improve my encoding skills to better serve the group and the people downloading our episodes.

Also, it’s funny how people failed to interpret the meaning of Americanization and Localization. God! Before criticizing any group, please understand the words first!

“I should have taken that left turn at the Kanto District!”
“I shoulda taken that left toin at Albukoikee!”



  1. Just want to say I appriciate your work. Thank you.

  2. compare sreenshot

    RAW from QTS

    thank you for translation ,typeset & timing

  3. will there be a 720p version?

  4. @minhtri:

    QTS had more bitrate, so yeah.


    Will discuss that with the group soon. =)

  5. > “I shoulda taken that left toin at Albukoikee!”

    Requesting that you sub and localize and entire series in this manner.

  6. @shin: Did you picked up Mahoro because of Juuden-chan? =P

    Pic related

  7. why do you want a 720p when you get a 1080p.

    perfect for ma screen 🙂

  8. 1080p is not working on my standalone player properly.
    and i prefer to enjoy watching things with 0 background sounds like pcfans etc. and i can easily attach this thing to a tv with bigger screen.

    and not concerning me but someone with slow inet may be happy to have a smaller filesize

  9. My goodness, what kind of processor do you need to watch 1080p movies? My 2.2 GHz AMD dual core doesn’t cut it.

  10. @sams:

    Reducing bitrate (filesize) is kinda bad to a grainy source like this and our releases are not compatible to any standalone players. We haven’t tested them but we’re sure they’re not compatible. Oh and either you have to oil your fan or get a new one. =)


    Try playing it without any running programs in the background (web browser, etc.). And if it still doesn’t work, use CoreAVC 2.0 to decode the video instead of CCCP and use Media Player Classic. If I were to give you the minimum system requirements, I’d say it’ll play fine on a 3.0 GHz Core2Duo with CoreAVC+CCCP+Media Player Classic combo. =)

  11. I dont want to download this for no reason so I have to ask now… is Shikijo-sensei in this?!? :3

  12. @gulab:

    Of course she’s in the OVA! In fact, she’s present in all two episodes. =)

  13. @sams:
    Running fine in WMP and MPC with K-Lit codec to.
    No match for my AMD Phenom Quad core (2,7 GHz) =P
    And i bet my old Opteron dual core (2,8 GHz) play it fine to.
    ou could either try clock it, check your bios that everything is ok (memory, cpu, gpu) ad or clock your gpu.
    Or try other codec.

  14. @sams:
    … – couldnt you just resize the picture. working fine in MPC

  15. @tom
    sd series, like this, that gets bluray only need 720p rips honestly. doing 1080p rips is overkill… go check eureka 7, fmp, and black lagoon… they dont need 1080p rips. sure more pixels is better but this series are not native hd series and 720p rips would be the sufficient resolution for this sd series. they originated from sd and got only reanimated/improve from sd to hd res.

  16. ps: go ask encoders from #darkhold in rizon… theyd agree with me.

  17. but i got to say… mooshi’s eureka seven dvdrips is gud enough.. and it doesnt really a need for 720p rips.

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