Mahoromatic Blu-ray Batch Torrent OUT!!!

January 26, 2010

More fabric, less skin, too bad for you!

This is the official batch torrent of Mahoromatic – Tadaima Okaeri by Mamiko_SHiN! Special thanks to Mamiko for their huge support and special thanks to Hiromi from Kyounosubs for providing us the Blu-ray! Hmmm… what else? 720p version? Uh… I’m still thinking. =)

The batch torrent contains episode 1-2, no credits OP, ED01 and ED02.


Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 1-2 [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 01 [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)
Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri 02 [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)
Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri OP [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)
Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri ED 01 [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)
Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri ED 02 [Blu-ray](h.264+softsubs)

IRC (Bot):

Click HERE for the list. Go to our IRC channel HERE. (bot is still down)

Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of Mamiko & SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. plzz 720p my pc can not handly 1080p

  2. 720p would be great! Thanks anyway!

  3. Are there any notable differences between the DVD and the TV versions, or is it the exact same thing, only prettier?

  4. I know this may be a sacrilegious question, but… any chance of a 480p/DVD version?

  5. Sub more Queen Blades specials! You’re Two episodes behind.

  6. @TheMan: I think you have mistaken SHiN-gx for Mamiko >.> They’re not subbing the Queen’s Blade specials.

  7. @Solarius:

    Watch and find out. Think of the idea as an Easter Egg Hunt.


    We’re still discussing about it. =)

  8. 720p PLEASE ;_;….

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