Looking for Kyoshiro DVD Specials VOBs

February 21, 2010

We are updating our old Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora DVD specials and our raw providers are having a hard time looking for the VOBs of the said specials. With that, we’re looking for someone who has the ISOs and get the specials for us. We used rips in WMV for the old one but we want to encode these specials directly from the source.

You can reach us through here, email or in IRC @ #shin-gx@irc.rizon.net. Look for SHiN




If you’re curious, please check out our old releases of the specials.



  1. Was this anime made by Kaishaku (Kannazuki no Miko’s creators ?)

  2. @Johnny B.:

    Uh, I kinda forgot but designs are from the same guys who did Kannazuki no Miko. The two girls on the screenshots are Kaon and Himiko and more or less similar to Chikane and Himeko.

  3. Great, you’re doing Kyoshiro no towa sora specials

    Goodluck guys and I hope it can be done so soon

  4. hello.. I just wanna ask if these specials are available online.. I searched on youtube but it’s only 5 minutes.. 😦 every specials are only 5 mins… 😦

  5. @akira25sai:

    We’re aware they’re on youtube but we’re looking for the original untouched version.

  6. thank you for replying! thank you, thank you!
    can I ask again?

    Is the specials 5 mins only? or not? (I mean, maybe it is 24mins or 55 mins)

    thank you again..

  7. @akira25ysai

    Around 5-8 minutes as I recall. They’re just cute little extras from the DVDs.

  8. @ SHiN-gx I see.. 🙂
    even though it’s 5-8 minutes, I still enjoy watching it.. thank you for doing the subs! 😀

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