Mahoromatic 720p vs 1080p

March 10, 2010

I’ll cut to the chase, I suggest you go with the 720p version for many reasons.

  • The 1080p was encoded with below standard settings. Blocking, old x264 build, etc. I apologize.
  • The masters used for making the Blu-ray are not originally HD. So it means the 1080p version is an upscale.
  • 720p’s encodes are better and are smaller by 50% than the 1080p. Lesser blocking, new x264 build, slightly sharper video, etc.

Will I make new encodes for the 1080p? No. Sorry, I can’t. We’re done with Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri and I don’t want to backtrack.



  1. I’m sorry if I sound like a fuckhead but if you know that the 1080 version was a waste of time, why you bother in doing it and make us wasting our time.

    Now I have to download it again for your comments and of course to get the better version, but in the end thanks a lot for doing a nicer version of Mahoro 😉

  2. @hunter:

    I always wanted to encode a Blu-ray rip without downscaling it. =) Plus, I was in the progress of learning new encoding tricks. =)

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