Working!! Episode 01 is OUT!!!

March 13, 2010

Poplar, run for your life!

Hey, Muon here! I’m the translator bringing you SHiN-gx’s sub of Working!! this season! You may notice that we’ve got two sub tracks. One track conforms to the policy that we should try to get as much Japanese out of the script as possible- pretty much just leaving names. The other track keeps in the honorifics, and most importantly, the word ‘sempai-‘ one more knowledgeable than oneself, or one further along in a field of study.  I think honorifics and ‘sempai’ add a lot of depth to anime, which is why I started learning Japanese! If you agree, pick track two and if you don’t, pick track one. Enjoy Working!!

That’s Muon, our new translator! Like he said, there are two subtitle tracks in our Working!! releases. For CCCP Users, to switch the subtitles, during playblack, right-click the Haali Media Splitter icon on the system tray (near the clock) and select the subtitles you wish to use. Or simply press “S” in your Media Player Classic. For non-Windows users, please refer to the guides in the How to Play Anime page.

I would also like to introduce you to our second new member of the group – Chef Trace! He’s our TLC (Translation Checker) and from here on out he will help Muon check his translations. As his name implies, he’s an experienced chef and knows his way around the kitchen. Aside from him helping Muon for the translations, he will edit the scripts in such a way that the characters talk what he normally hears in the restaurant. We took extra care at making this script and I certainly hope you’ll like it. =)

In a nutshell: Restaurant is understaffed, manager asked one of the employees to recruit more help. Employee is a short high school girl, who can be mistaken for an elementary student, found someone who seems to be interested. Guy she found turns out to be a pedophile. Said pedophile joins the staff because of the high school girl and he met the huge cast of chaotically funny characters. The formula is very amusing and we subbed this show because of that… and Daisuke Ono… and Eri Kitamura… and Jun Fukuyama… *ahem*

Excuse the big wall-o-text! Now then, on to the release!


Working!! 01 (h.264+softsubs)
Working!! 01 (XviD+hardsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Working!! 01 (h.264+softsubs)
Working!! 01 (XviD+hardsubs)

Comments? Suggestions? Please tell us!

Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Is this pre-aired episode?

  2. Hi thanks for subbing this show, could u put up your xdcc bot, torrents and megaupload don’t work for me.

  3. knowing nothing about this going in, i’ll just DL it cause y’all are doing it.

  4. Hm…, is this pre-air version or already the full air version? I was wondering, because it has the same logo in the upper right on the screenshot like the pre-air version which I downdload yesterday.
    Anyway, thanks for subbing this show….

    So, i see juuden-chan dvd vol.3 already out. Hope you will release it soon….
    Thanks for HQ sub as always….^^;

  5. thanks! i’m grabbing the xvid ver ♥

  6. It’s been a while, SHiN and gx9901. Your old friend here. Anyway I’ll download your work to find out what “Working!!” is about and how you guys are doing so far. Keep it up, my friends! ^_^

  7. i ddl the mkv. i youz cccp… ok first the sub timing went out{not matching the sound or vid} so i fix it then it went out agene so i fixed it, its fin but all of a sudden at like 4:50 the vid went out {so the subs mach the sound but not the vid, like mouth movements} like thats pretty bad for like 5min in.. im going to keep watching just making tweaks along the way, but what the hell?

    what do i need to do here? i’ve never had it happen this bad be4. it kind of fix’s if i close and open to were i was but gos out agen after a bit.

    ges ill torrent the avi

  8. @Jam:

    Bots? We’ll have to wait for our distro to come back. He has his hands full atm.


    It’s s pre-air episode. Episode 1 will be on April 4. =)


    Comrade! Heya! It’s been a while! You still hanging out in the forums? =)


    Maybe it desynced after the scrolling credits. Try jumping past that scene. The subs are synced properly.

  9. SHiN, the old forum is gone as we already know. I still visit the new forum for a while even though gx9901 prefers something else!

  10. Hi I want to know the resolution of this anime.

  11. @lalaland:

    Please see file name. I attached the resolution, video format and audio format there.

  12. oh by the way i didn’t coment way back but i liked the april 1st canday boy (lucky star) jk

  13. eehh.. just wondering, why is it sometimes katanashis’ subs says ma’am, sometimes manager, sometimes she and other times kyouko.. when in the japanese he’s saying manager/boss all the time, any reason for the randomness? i understand you guys don’t stand on formality all the time (thus the 2 sub tracks) but when you’re literally changing the meaning… at least make it the informal “boss”or even chief instead of manager if you want informal english, but stick with one word maybe?

  14. Hey Kaji, good catch.

    This is my first release as a translator and I went through a few phases of how I wanted Takanashi to refer to Shirafuji. I settled on ‘ma’am’ but missed changing a few lines in the beginning. It’ll be consistent in the v2 released with the ‘real’ first episode and all of the following eps.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  15. @Kaji:

    I see Muon gave his view on the matter. And here’s mine. Him saying “Manager” all the time is far too redundant in my opinion and sounds jerky at some lines so we used variations. Most often people don’t address their superiors with their titles and often you hear them say “sir”, “ma’am” or just the name. “Boss” doesn’t sound like a right word to use for a person like Takanashi.

    Still, we go what the translator suggests. =)

  16. I see from the description that the second track uses “sempai”, and I assume that the xvid is the “second track” (correct me if I’m wrong), but whenever takanashi says “sempai”, the subs read out Popar’s last name instead. Did I choose the wrong one?

    I just prefer the usage of Japanese honorifics and titles whenever they are said instead of the person’s name replacing the title.

    Aside from that, I really like the subbing; the font really suits the anime style and artwork and has really good accuracy.

  17. @Otakus:

    No, when we say a 2nd track, it means the second subtitle track in the MKV. If you’re using Media Player Classic, just hit “S” and it will switch to the second subtitle track (press also “S” to cycle between the subs). Or, if you’re using CCCP, right-click on the Haali Media Splitter as shown here:

  18. Will you guys sub the proper episode 1 when it comes out on April 4?

  19. Thanks a lot for adding an extra subtitle track with honorifics. Really appreciated so please continue with that 🙂

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