Juuden-chan DVD Special 3 OUT!!!

March 21, 2010

We don’t know what she’s talking about so don’t ask us.

Here’s special 3! Took us a while, as usual. =) Episodes 5-6 DVD coming soon!


Juuden-chan DVD special 03 (h.264+FLAC)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Juuden-chan DVD special 03 (h.264+FLAC)

Alternate DDL: (Mediafire)

Juuden-chan DVD special 03 (h.264+FLAC)


Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of  SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Nice!

    Keep up the good work guys

  2. aah ha 6 minuets and 42 second of awesomeness.

    i smell ever time i look at the size 6 minuets long 140 MB. so do you have a really big HHD like a Exabyte or do you write to BD or what?

    hay duz having it less compressed make the pitcher and audio any better?

  3. the mediafire link is gone?

  4. @Storrm:
    Well, uh, FLAC is big and if I made a 100 or 80 MB encode, it’ll compromise the video quality. Less bitrate = low quality. FLAC compresses audio like winzip or winrar without losing/degrading quality. MP3, AAC or AC3 uses different types of compression but there is a quality loss. Try playing an MP3 file and a FLAC file of the same song in a 5.1 speaker system. You might notice some differences. Though the differences are small, I love FLAC and I want to use it… =) Oh and I keep my files on my HDD and eventually store them in DVD-Rs.

    Forgot to upload it. XD It’s now fixed.

  5. With that face and that line I am guilty of having impure thougts 😛

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Oh wow some loli goodness, too bad it isn’t like the previous 2 specials where the was some actual nudity.
    Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the ecchi situation but was cut short before anything happened. 😦
    Maybe has something to do with a certain ban going on?

  7. I’m rather shocked we didn’t get anything out of our peachy Iono’s youthful bosom. I was like WTF???
    From what I’ve heard the ban wasn’t passed and the Japanese gov ignored it for the time being. Yeesh.

    Anyways love this series and can’t wait for the next special with the two “Leakage” ladies… woot! When do we get the manager from Sunday Mama? I’m looking forward to that one too xD.

  8. I’m blaming Equality Now for that censorship.

    Fuck you, Equality Now! Fuck you!

  9. where is 5-6 episodes?

  10. its out ^^
    thx again for ep3 and also for MF link ^^

  11. @Shin-gx:

    it slipped my mined for 13 days, it was niggling at the back of my mined tho. i make to mean post on random sites.

    any way
    yer i fort it mite be something like that.

    need a reply button…..

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