Juuden-chan DVD Special 4 (April Fools’!)

April 1, 2010


As of this writing, we fooled a total of 1,163 unique bittorrent downloaders (not including 1,410 still downloading) and 306 more from Megaupload. Not bad. We might fool 4000+ more if we tagged this as uh, I don’t know, Angel Beats, K-ON!! or any other new show this Spring and put an excuse that it’s a webcast or pre-air version. =P

Anyway, for those who didn’t know, the video is the bonus version of the first ending theme of Hayate no Gotoku second season.

For the misc stuff:

Translator: Muon
RAW Provider: Hiromi
Everything Else: SHiN

Have a nice day and Hina-chan > Maria!


Actual Special 4 is coming soon. Last time I heard, the translator can’t focus with all the moaning going on. That’s very understandable.


Woah! This is a fast one! It’s kind of a sign that we’re releasing stuff on a decent pace *ahem*unlike our old projects.*ahem* Anyway, enjoy Juuden-chan DVD Special 4 complete with lesbians doing uh… lesbiany things!


Juuden-chan DVD special 04 (h.264+FLAC)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Juuden-chan DVD special 04 (h.264+FLAC)

Alternate DDL: (Mediafire)

Juuden-chan DVD special 04 (h.264+FLAC)(mediafire offline atm)


Thank you again for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of  SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Ack the megaupload link leads to hayate! =x

    I don’t know if this was an april fools thing or something but even if it was, its full win! XD

  2. Shin, why don’t you believe me? D:

  3. great april fool starts and we start getting fooled already especially for this special! 😀

  4. hahaha good one that made my april fool’s day

  5. You tricky bastards, you made me fall for it ^_^

    Now, be gentle with us and release the real stuff.

  6. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I’m drinking cognac for this shit. Go Hinagiku.

  7. H-I-N-A Hinagiku!

  8. even it a fool but i like this one. Hina-chan daisuki!! ^^

  9. This is from Hayate right ?

  10. What? Why hayate? are we tricked?

  11. lol Nice work guys, you got me!

  12. Thanks for the Hinagiku 🙂

  13. I want to be upset, but I can’t.

    Juuden-chan 4 special though ; ;

  14. Argh, bit of a tricky one as it is not exactly recognizable as a joke at first. But, good one. Only joke that actually got me up to now. 🙂


    april fool-ed

  16. I actually liked this one. At least it was Hinagiku.

    Oooh, I’m getting into the Hinamatsuri mood again.

  17. ack! I got tricked too!
    where’s the real one man?!

  18. I knew it wasn’t going to be it.

  19. should we call thiz a troll or a joke ? 😛
    very thin line between those two

  20. Ack! i’ve been fooled!

  21. Argh i hate April fool!!!

  22. okok you guys win. i never expect a video with 1 minute 34 seconds can be 99.1MB. i hate April fools.ZZ

  23. HA HA HA HA HA HA nice. lol i was wondering why it was so small. i fort you mite of changed your ways XD

  24. I was Hinarolled and I DON’T REGRET IT AT ALL.
    In fact, thank you for reminding me of H I N A HINAGIKU.

    …If only my computer could run it perfectly 😦

  25. I’ll dL this not for the april fools but for Hina!. thanks!

  26. “Actual Special 4 is coming soon. Last time I heard, the translator can’t focus with all the moaning going on. That’s very understandable.”

    I ROFL’d

  27. Nice try SHiN… but Maria >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hina >=(

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