Working!! 02 Script only OUT!

April 13, 2010

Due to an increasing demand for subs, we released the unedited version of the script. Unedited version means ERRORS are to be expected. This release will satisfy the rabid Poplar fans for now. Proper episode 02 in a few days. Why a few days? We’re not robots, you know.


Working!! 02 Script only

DDL: (Mediafire)

Working!! 02 Script only


The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. thank you!

    “this release will satisfy the rabid Poplar fans for now” <- exactly

  2. are you guys gonna release the series in 720p? cause it seems that your the only sub group actually working on this series besides chihiro (and they’re slow)

  3. link2link8: m.3.3.w is subbing this too. And I heard that 720p is an upscale? so it may be reason why fansub groups decide to do 480p, because it’s as good quality as 720p, that is when watched fullscreen, but if watched windowed, then 480p may be even sharper. I’m not sure.

    So… shin gx, is this show an upscale or not, or what may be the reason for 480p instead of 720p? It doesn’t matter to me so much if it’s 480p or 720p, 480p is just better if 720p is upscale^^

    And btw, thanks for subbing this series. Your work seems the best so far, at least in my opinion^^

  4. anyway, thank so much for this soft sub, i am also popura ‘s crazy fan.

  5. But I bet you wish you were robots…

    “Want subs NOW!?… How about some lazer eye in your crotch meatbag!!!” ~PEW~PEW~

  6. @link2link8

    I asked SHiN on /a/ a few days ago and he said there wouldn’t be a 720p release because the raws they got were only 480p (from what I understood). So far I’ve only seen one “720p” release (Sleepsubs) and when I posted a comparison of their video and of SHiN-gx’s 480p video stretched to the same size, everybody on /a/ still said the 720p upscale looked worse.

    Oh well, just have to wait for a DVD/BD release to get better quality, I guess.

  7. @ Axup & Miih: thnks for the info! guess I will watch it in 480p for now and hope for a better quality video…

  8. We’re doing a 720p version because many people are asking for it. We don’t know the output quality yet. We’ll keep you posted.

  9. 480p > 720i

    that all anyone needs to know

  10. I’ll wait for your QCed version. Thanks guys

  11. No more 720p apparently due to it being an upscale from 480p and /a/ hating the upscaling. Can’t say I blame them.

  12. Hi!

    Um, I’m not sure of what your policies are in regards to releases, but I would like to think that making a profit (or, even a donation – from what I remember you don’t accept any) off your subs isn’t what your subbing group stands for.

    Which is why I just wanted to draw your attention that someone is taking your subbed episodes and charging for them in a compilation using iTunes.

    At least, I’m pretty sure they’re your subs since I noticed Jo-Kun’s name on the Myself;Yourself episode screen cap.

    I just thought I’d bring your attention to this. I’m not sure what you can do about this, but I thought it’d be only fair to give you guys a heads up.

  13. Ummm….and I guess it would have been smart of me to link to them.

    I don’t know how to link directly through iTunes, but if you search for Tokyodream, you’ll find the apps that have your subs.

  14. @L.G.

    We’re not making a profit for the subs and yeah, that’s ours.

    EDIT: It’s not an episode download as far as I’m concerned. It looks like a theme pack with a screenshot of our subs (fail to pick a screenshot, btw.).

  15. It seems as though they do have episodes for viewing through using that paid app. I’m not sure how it works or where their subs are from, but still seems shady.

  16. @SHiN-gx

    Ah, I see. I was just worried since they mention HQ Video Content for all the episodes, and that they used a screen shot of your subs.


    I think the fact that it’s a paid app is what bothers me the most – even if they are using their own fansubs.

  17. There already is muxed version on The Subwire with your script. Somebody already muxed your unfinished script into .mkv and released it as your work.

  18. I just went and looked at the one on the subwire and it was actually finished TL I made for myself by finishing the TL/Editing/QC and using himatsubushi’s font/lyrics then put the script and muxed version on nyaa for people who wanted it. I put it in the comments that it’s unofficial but I guess putting it in the filename would’ve been better. Sorry if anyone got pissed off because of it, I just wanted to get a finished script out for people that were avoiding the prelim one you put out.

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