By demand: Working!! 01 in 720p

April 15, 2010



Link HERE (v3.1)

This is a DDL only version. No torrent. Did this because some of you want a 720p version. Does this look better than the 480p?

Changes other than it being upscaled? New font and no karaoke effects.




  1. wer mai karaoke???? *whinewhinewhine*

    Great work regardless, keep it up!!

  2. lolwut?

  3. It’s only me or the colours of the 720p are less dark?

  4. @Fenris:

    Uh, I don’t think we changed the color settings. Uh… I’ll ponder on that later. Still Working on Working!! 2.

  5. i think the colors look good šŸ™‚

  6. us, sry double post. made it a torrent:

  7. Tom,we didn’t do something with the colour balance in this one. That’s what Fenris is pointing out here. Plus thanks for the torrent man. I appreciate it šŸ˜€

  8. Maybe it’s my computer… thanks anyway
    Will chapter 2 have softsubbed karaoke?

  9. Aways is better 720p, so… DO CANDY BOY!!!!

  10. Fenris FYI it’s your LCD

    well at least now we can see the tokyo MX sing clearly šŸ™‚

  11. thank yo guys for doing the series in 720p (adds page to fav) anywho will get this and await episode 02 and so on from now on…

  12. The upscale doesn’t look any better than the 480, the upscale actually looks worse IMO. So don’t bother.

  13. The upscale looks much worse than the 480p version.

  14. For the last time, for those of you who don’t know. An upscaled image is a “stretched” image, it’s not a “true HD” image. The 480p picture is upscaled ( stretched ) to fit a 720p monitor/screen space. It’s still 480p but classified as 720p upscaled. Just look at the screenies, the 720 is nearly twice the size as the 480 screen capture. Now before anyone PMS’s over what I said the image size does not always indicate quality visuals, compression, encoding, etc also affect picture quality too.

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