Aoi Hana 10 is OUT!!!

April 17, 2010

That’s a bit too direct.

Uh… One more to go! Due to time constraints, we’ll provide the AVI version of episodes 10-11 in the final AVI batch torrent.


Click HERE for the batch torrents.

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. WOOHOO!!

  2. Come on, SHiN. Finish the damn thing already 😛 I want to delete all the episodes off my HD after watching it >.>

  3. @iguchiyuka:

    Why delete?! Not archiving it? ;_;

  4. Of course I’m archiving it =.= Why do you think I’m keeping all your episodes in my HDD?

  5. The still is kinda blurry and pixelated.

  6. @YamadaFan:

    Yeah, it was encoded a year ago and that time, my encoding skills weren’t really good. I could start all over but with me being busy with everything else, I can’t.

  7. some sunshine for my rainy day \(^_^)/

  8. correct me if i’m wrong (and maybe i misunderstood the post), but aren’t there 13 episodes?

  9. @hello-critters:

    You heard it right, Aoi Hana is 11 episodes long.

  10. Wow this maybe stupid question but this is the 720p one correct?

  11. @anon:


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