Project Updates 04-28-2010

April 28, 2010

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So much to do with so little time…

  • Shall we ditch the Sasameki Koto TV version and finish it with its DVD version? We’re currently on episode 8 and we already have the DVD versions of episodes 1-6.
  • We’re not so sure about continuing KIDDY-GiRL-and so we might consider dropping it. Too many unavoidable reasons why not to finish it.
  • Working!! is progressing smoothly. Lots of delays but I know you were already expecting that. =)
  • K-ON!! is also progressing smoothly. Delays as usual and we have no intention of dropping it and you know we don’t care if the show is oversubbed or not right?
  • Candy Boy‘s release schedule is not yet confirmed. Our translator is prioritizing Working!! and K-ON!!.
  • Juuden-chan DVD Special 5 will be ready soon.

And oh crap, we have to get these done so I, the ever so adorable SHiN can start working on my Fullmoon wo Sagashite DVD side project.





  1. I vote yes to the skipping of Sasameki Koto TV and going straight to DVD. Because DVD’s are sexy.

  2. Oh noes! Sasameki Koto and KIDDY-GiRL-and are my favorites 😦
    I mean ditching is OK. I think you should take all the time you want. It’s not like we pay you or something.
    Please don’t drop KIDDY-GiRL-and and Sasameki Koto. Please sub them whenever you have the time to do it. If you don’t do it, who else will … I am not capable to do it … So please don’t give up on them, just go on your own pace.

  3. well, personally I still haven’t watched Sasameki Koto 9-12 because I waited for your subs, so I would of course like it if you were to finish it =D
    but if it’s too much work, then don’t do it ;D

  4. As with barkeeper, I’ve yet to finish Sasameki Koto because I’ve been waiting on you guys. And quite frankly, I’m behind on Anime this season anyways (because of school and such) so I wouldn’t mind if you guys just went straight for the DVDs.

    KIDDY GiRL-and is a shame. Though I personally found it quite bland and un-interesting.

    K-ON!! is always a good choice. Always.

    I’ve been waiting on Candy Boy for … ever? I remember last time you guys updated, it was supposed to be done back in December (around Christmas). Glad you guys still plan to do it haha.

    As for Juuden … no comment really. The censorship fairies kind of ruin it.

  5. I actually don’t care at all for K-ON!! to the point I would prefer if you didn’t sub it in order to speed up Working a little. After all, K-ON is oversubbed, while you guys are the only good group working on Working at the moment (pun intended). So yeah… *add some words of praise here* love ya guys, till you next release~

  6. Dropping Kiddy Girl is a wise decision, ANBUs version is out there for everyone to get, and it means you can concentrate on Working some more.

  7. Yes, i think u should the skip the tv ver and go straight to the Sasameki Koto DVD

    most ppl would just have to re-download anyway, so it saves everyones time

  8. In my opinion, it would be logical to finish just the DVD version of Sasameki Koto. Also, I really enjoyed your original version of Candy Boy, so I can be patient while this is on hold. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated. Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

  9. Are there extras in the DVD version of sasameki koto? Then, yes, do the DVD.

  10. @Zeratul678:

    No, no extras as far as I’m concerned. =)

  11. I don’t care which version of Sasameki Koto that you release, so long as you’re consistent and you release the entire series in xvid.

    If you’re only doing the dvd episodes in h.264, then finish the tv episodes in xvid.


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