What’s up with the donate link?

May 14, 2010

Cute Kurumi picture unrelated


EDIT3: In case you’re wondering what’s up with that orange thingy on the upper right corner of this blog, we’re now accepting donations. The donations support our distro with the monthly server bills of our upcoming 24/7 seed box (this will eliminate torrent dead status and sorry for the current poor upload speed), speedy assembly of our new encode box (Core2Duo + encode big stuff = hell) and the rest goes to the miscellaneous costs like hardware maintenance and upgrades and or buying the actual DVDs, if ever. I dunno if the complete Fullmoon wo Sagashite ISOs are on Share or PD.

We’ll accept any amount so, if you got some spare change in your pockets and don’t know where to spend it, donate it to us!

EDIT4: Added “List of Donators” page. See –>

Thank you!




  1. ROFL Kurumi!!

    I *almost* saw some Sawako x Kurumi yuri potential in there… before Kurumi turned evil ehehe

    Guess I need to tone down my yuri goggles a bit =/

  2. Just wondering since I’m a little lost.

    In the form you put all the info including the credit card related. Do I need to create a paypal account first?

  3. @hunter:

    You need to create a paypal account first with the your credit or debit card linked to that account.

  4. Sawako >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kurumi
    Just a friendly reminder from your friends at Mamiko :3

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