Fullmoon wo Sagashite Project (maybe)

May 15, 2010

fullmoon1One of my favorite anime of all time will soon be in the Matroska.


We were talking about anime series that emotionally moved us back in IRC and I was reminded of my emotionally moving anime, Fullmoon wo Sagashite. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head and this idea will make me busy next year. My personal project for 2010 is Fullmoon wo Sagashite in DVD glory! Now, this is a huge project and I don’t even know where to start. I need some extra help and other stuff and I’m not even sure I’m confident enough to take on this project.

Why am I saying this all of a sudden? For the fun of teasing you. =)

Will update post but don’t expect an update really soon.


Okay, we found a complete set of R2 DVD ISOs and we’re downloading them right now… uh… woah, this is big. Dang, I need a new hard disk for these.



  1. oooh?.. I’ll watch this, Just to see where you are moved. xD

  2. i hadn’t heard of Fullmoon before, but it seems interesting 🙂

    keep me in mind if there’s anything i can help out with 🙂

  3. I can’t find all the dvd of candy boy and stufs… Looks like its not complete all yet.

  4. Please do so!

  5. Don’t worry, all current projects would be completed and done in perfection before this ” Fullmoon wo Sagashite in DVD glory! ” would ever happen.

    & i want Aoi Hana now!

  6. You MUST do Fullmoon. There is no way that you’re not doing it now that you’ve mentioned it. I won’t let you out of it.

  7. Ooh, I also loved this anime back when i saw it some years ago, good story + great soundtrack 😮

  8. I’ve been looking for some group to do the DVD releases for this show. In fact, I’m also looking into purchasing the original DVD myself. However, it’s really a rare find to get my hands on one of those original DVD.

    I have to admit that this show is the most memorable for me since I started watching anime.

    It’s sad to hear that this series is not receiving any DVD treatment at all.

  9. One of the few rare anime that can emotionally touch AND hurt your heart. Please do revive this dying anime =( The one and only torrent for this anime is more or less dead.

  10. @Sk:
    The FMwS torrent on bakabt is alive and well. The main reason it’s a “dying anime” is because people are too spoiled by placebo-quality upscaled HD releases, and think that 512×384/640×480 DivX3 DTV-rips are beneath them. Regardless of the quality of the show.

    Either way, it would be great to great to see Full Moon in better quality. Would this be an update of the old-but-good a.f.k. subs, or a new translation from scratch? The first 28 eps were released on R1 DVD before Viz canceled it, but several of those volumes are getting pricey. There are various HKDVD sets out there. I don’t know how the quality is. But they’d at least serve as a raw source and give you timed subs, albeit JPN -> CN -> ENG subs that would need extensive fixing/replacing.

  11. @zalis116:

    We have two options. One is to ask for permission from a.f.k. subs to use and modify their scripts and option two is to translate from scratch. Realistically, option one is the best option and finding a translator willing enough to translate a 52-episode anime for option two can be a bit hard. And as for the raws, we will not settle for anything less so either we download the ISOs from the usual places or buy the actual DVDs.

  12. Please make the sub not “processor-rape” please, my cpu can’t handle it

  13. Heh, what a coincidence – I thought about the same thing: http://forums.bakabt.com/index.php?topic=24266.0 😀 I have all the FMoS R2 DVDs if you need them and would be more then willing to help out 🙂

  14. As I said in the forum thread igro linked, I’ve almost finished preparing a script for ep 01 that imitates a.f.k.’s subs quite closely. Just as a test for feasibility. You probably won’t get scripts out of a.f.k. due to the licensing. OCR didn’t pan out too well even in greyscale, but transcribing is a viable option. I do run a re-releasing operation, and while I’ve got a lot of projects going on, I’d like to help where I can.

    @Takaya: At 640×480, simple k-timed softsubbed karaoke doesn’t cause noticeable lag on my system. And my system is an ancient POS by now.

  15. @igro & zalis116:

    I sent you an email and zalis116, the email address you provided is inactive.

  16. Oh, shoot. The splash star e-mail should be re-activated now. Or you can PM me on AniDB, if that fails.

  17. @zalis116:

    Okay, just sent you the email. You got it? gmail didn’t report anything about the account being inactive.

  18. I definitely look forward to seeing this come to fruition, as the artwork looks beautiful. I’ll definitely be seeding my ass off both here and on Baka. ;D

  19. I hope you see this thru to the end! (fast) Viz only released half of it and now I’m short! been short for years!

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