Project Updates 05-17-10

May 17, 2010

Click to enlarge

Translation credits of image goes to original translator.

Normally I don’t post updates often and I did this one because I was bored. =/ Working!! 05 completion status is not yet confirmed. Muon, the translator for Working!! said he has trouble with his laptop and prioritizing his offline activities. K-ON!! 5-6 scripts are done but we haven’t touched them yet. Working!! DVD volume two will be on June 2, 2010.

The only thing we can do is wait him. C’mon, comrade! I’m bored. ;_; Oh yeah, we have a new translator. =)

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!



  1. Cool, Saki. Thanks for doing them =D ^^

  2. Can’t say I blame Mihoko. Hisa is hawt!

  3. If you have troubles with something, why not telling us some details. I guess some of us are highly motivated to help and some may have the required skill, too. I think, at least it won’t hurt.

  4. Good luck to Muon. Hope his laptop gets better so that we all can have our fix of Working!! 🙂

  5. Can’t wait for more Working!! :3

  6. What /o/ said.

  7. any more of the saki comics?

  8. Any update for Fight Ippatsu DVDs?

  9. What manga is that picture ???

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