Full Moon wo Sagashite 01 DVD OUT!!!

June 6, 2010

And here is episode 1! Why we released this all of a sudden? Some of us are bored (I’m one of them) and while we’re still waiting for our TL to do the final checks for K-ON, Working and Reo x Mai, we spent our time working on episode 1.


Twelve-year-old Mitsuki Kouyama was devastated when she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the throat. She had made a promise to the boy she loves that she would one day become a singer, but her illness made singing impossible. To make matters even worse, two angels of death, Takuto and Meroko, appeared to Mitsuki and informed her that she only had one year left to live. This news provides an even greater motivation for Mitsuki to fulfill her dreams, and with a little bit of divine intervention, she begins her quest to become a professional singer so she can be reunited with Eichi before time runs out.

Haven’t I told you this is my all time favorite Shoujo anime? =) If I were to complain one thing about this show, that would be the studio have poorly-motivated inbetweeners. You’ll see what I mean.

Special thanks to igro from Rabbit-Force and Zalis from ReDone Subs for encoding pointers and letting me use the ripped script. Episode 2 ETA? Dunno. =)

And yeah, we’re still saving up for a new hard disc.


Full Moon wo Sagashite 01 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Full Moon wo Sagashite 01 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD, WATCH AND COMPLAIN, the subs are originally from a.f.k. subs and we uh… modified them a bit to follow our *ahem* fansubbing standards. Meaning, there are no honorifics. We also didn’t include the romaji karaoke timing, the romaji itself and no multi-colored fonts like what you saw in a.f.k.’s version. If I may rant, no one sings in the OP and ED following each syllables. Seriously, there’s no point other than showing off. You could say our revision is the simplified, less stylish version of a.f.k. If you’re loyal to a.f.k.’s style, I suggest you wait for KAA to finish (lol, if ever) OR wait for Rabbit-Force’s version.



  1. blast from the past.
    Eternal Snow.

  2. Good stuff, I was just planning on watching this. Now I get to bask in dvd madness. Only 51 episodes to go huh…

  3. Full Moon has been on my “to watch at some point” list for a long time. I will pay homage to your work watching this first episode as soon as the download finishes.

  4. I couldn’t help but notice that the line at 4:09 wasn’t fixed. It is so strikingly wrong, that I remember it from the original afk subs.

    “きちんとしなさい” should be something like “act properly” not “come out to the kitchen”…

  5. @Anonymous:

    Hrm… Can’t say but… I should hire a TLC for this project. =)

  6. gonna try. Shoujo anime huh. xD

  7. Still praying hard for Working!! & K-ON!!…

  8. Full moon wo sagashite was epic, but I didn’t like the ending

  9. Hey, thanks for doing this. Looks awesome. Any plans to do the other eps?

  10. @poster:

    We’ll do the rest of the episodes as soon as we finish the current shows we’re doing. Don’t worry, we’ll do the rest. =)

  11. FANTASTIC! I am so happy someone is finally making a better quality fansubs of this anime!!! YAY

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