Kuttsukiboshi Teaser Trailer OUT!!!

June 16, 2010

As I wait for the staff, I worked on this with the help of yuka–gx9001 from Mamiko. You can actually watch this raw because there’s no dialogue but meh, whatever. What’s this, you say? Well, it’s a, uh… Two girls, high school girls, uh, both are studying in what you call a school and uh, they’re gay for each other. =) *ahem* Here’s the full story (taken from ANN):

Primastea, the independent company that released two consecutive sleeper hits with the Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako exercise anime and the Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako anime, is shipping its third anime DVD on August 16. Freelance animator Naoya Ishikawa (Docchimo Maid, Binchō-tan) directed, wrote, and animated Kuttsukiboshi (Part I) entirely himself. The anime centers around two girls’ “risky” summer vacation together.

Are we going to sub this? Yeah and haven’t told the staff about this yet. When? Around autumn, I think.


Kuttsukiboshi – Teaser Trailer (h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Kuttsukiboshi – Teaser Trailer (h.264+softsubs)

Thank you for downloading and would you kindly seed as much as possible?

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. U got me lost here…

  2. Strange teaser… It’s yuri, but not hentai (despite the big plan on the dribbling mouths)… The music is soft & beautiful… It doesn’t seem as hot as “Sono Hanabira” (even though there isn’t still any trailer of it), but i’d watch it !

    By the way, i’ve learned the part II will be for… next summer… Patience is a virtue…

  3. This may seem interesting.

  4. err..I got a question for the leader of the group..? more like a request concerning this anime =p anyway to contact?

  5. Looks good. I love this soft style of the drawings 😀

  6. this looks nice… hopefully its not 18+

  7. @Johnny

    There is a trailer for “Sono Hanabira”.
    Its rather short, tho.
    [video src="http://www.a1c.jp/~chuchu/lineup/koibitopromohp-desktop.m4v" /]

  8. Wow thanks for the update. I will look on this one!

  9. @ lilimagi : thank u, but i saw it before in a MU Link on the comments from the former topic.

    @ kumako08 : hopefully it will be 18+ ! Or at least, like “Aki Sora”, Hentai without H ! I’m fond of yuri, and it’s not current to see so many yuri trailers in a few hours !
    Besides, i live in France, the country where editors release yaoi and BL over and over again, but about yuri, except “Maka Maka” and “Aoi Hana” (well, it’s more “shoujo-ai”), it’s more a desert than a green grass (ecchi joke, yes :))

  10. Got word from our TL that the translation for the Sono Hanabira OVA trailer will be on Saturday at most. If you’ve seen the trailer, it has no dialogue but there are lots of text on screen.

  11. SHIN, don’t u mean “the translation for the Sono Hanabira OVA trailer” ? Because the OVA will be released next month ! ^^

  12. @Johnny:

    Whoops! I forgot to add “trailer” =] Fixing post.

  13. […] SHiN-gx first blogged about Kuttsukiboshi, I was thinking “meh!” – doesn’t look or sound THAT interesting!! I think […]

  14. I am so looking forward to it! As Johnny said it’s rare to have +18 yuri, being in France too i understand well, the age of yuri is comming!! Well most of the time it’s side dish in anime but not this time! ^^ tanoshimini shiteru

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