Where are you, comrade? ;_;

June 25, 2010

Where are you, comrade?! I want to sub and we’re way behind schedule!

*Goes back to prepare and help Phycoforce encode the episodes in advance.*




  1. LOL Need a TL or something? I would help but, the only thing I would do for you is TLC/QC =/

  2. Help you must and someone please tell me who posted this >.>

  3. shin probobly 😉

  4. EdwardDFMA: plz send a mail to shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com
    im sure shin gets happy 🙂

  5. LOL I’m guessing his TL must have ran away or something o_O Well that’s certainty isn’t any good news =p

  6. God! I hope Working!! won’t be dropped at this rate!!!

  7. @Everyone

    It was… me… ;_; Muon, where art thou?!

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