Sono Hanabira Teaser Trailer 2 OUT!!!

July 9, 2010

This is the second teaser of the Sono Hanabira OVA and this time, with voices! Imagine that! We certainly hope the contents featured in the teaser are only a fraction of the show and didn’t feature all of the se–*ahem* And… we changed the English translation of the title… again. Enjoy!


Linked with your Sweetheart – Teaser Trailer 2 (h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Linked with your Sweetheart – Teaser Trailer 2 (h.264+softsubs)

Also, we’re doing something new with the Sono Hanabira OVA. We’re gonna add in 8 more languages (MKV only) so, yeah, looking for translators for these languages:

  • Tagalog (position taken)
  • Italian (position taken)
  • Portuguese (position taken)

We already have Russian, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, and Indonesian. Additional details are on the Recruitment Page. Before you email us, read first the requirements needed!

Thank you for downloading and would you kindly seed as much as possible?

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. I know a little japanese(I can at least live there with what I know), and Fluent in english. I apply for the Tagalog translator. Even though it requires great japanese knowledge, Can I still try? xD

  2. Wait what, you live in Japan? And you can live their perfectly fine?

  3. I don’t live in japan. what I mean is I can at least live there with my japanese language knowledge (it rhymed!) something like that.

  4. @Modhesh:

    Pinoy ka, bai?! O_O Anyway, I added some details in the Recruitment page. You don’t need to try, you have to do it. We’re not gonna give you tests or anything like that. If you’re fluent and capable of converting English into Tagalog, you’re in. But you have to be convincing because I’m already getting emails of Tagalog translators. =)

  5. I have to admit, that was pretty hot. I hope you won’t use that color font/styling for the actual OVA… it looks like cough medicine.

    aka. NOT GOOD!

  6. You did think of the yuri french fans ??!

  7. I am pinoy. 😀 Oh, if I only need to translate english to tagalog, then I can say I have the guts to do it. I’m dedicated and won’t run away from work once You gave me the chance. 😀

  8. I can’t email you. Yahoo’s now friendly. anyway, is there any other way to get the script?

  9. @Modhesh:

    You can’t email me? Well, I can’t simply give you the script here. You have to create a different email account. Also, I got an email from someone who wants to translate the script to Tagalog so I have to give each one of you a test. I’m a Pinoy too. =) Or I’ll team you both.

  10. Damn. I was gonna apply for the Tagalog position. Oh well. :S

  11. oh okay. I’ll use a different account.
    I prefer teaming! XD much better. :))

  12. siapa nih yang jadi translator indonesianya?
    pokoknya good job guys!

  13. I’ve just seen the tagalog has been taken… maybe u could edit the topic and report it.

    By the way, i hope some yuri italian fans will find this topic… 🙂

  14. When I read you are going to have 8 language then I talking to myself “Indonesia dong…”.
    After I continue read, I shocked myself, there is Indonesian.
    Oh my goddess, hentai is illegal in Indonesia.
    Indonesian translator, who are you?

  15. @Kucing
    Wow, I wonder why you summon me? it’s just because hentai illegal in Indonesia?
    Ah.. siapa sih yang saat mau nguprek-uprek soal hentai di fansub. Ini fansub bung.
    we got some freedom in fansub-world :p

    Saya pak! *ngacung jari*
    i’m just want to use my some free-time. Also think about to re-enter the subtitle-wold :p

    @for indonesian-speaking
    plis.. jangan tanya siapa identitas saya sebenarnya.. cukup nikmati saja hasil produksi fansub-nya.. oke?!


  17. @faithtear
    Please, terjemahannya jangan terlalu Indonesia ya.
    Honorific jangan dibuang.
    Pilih onee-chan ketimbang kakak karena feel-nya beda banget, kalau manggil kakak kurang ada getaran di hati ketimbang onee-chan, apalagi onee-sama.

  18. raw is out so sub it 🙂

  19. what? tagalog? dami pinoys dito!!! wow! sikat sono hanabira!!! XD kahit si Shin pinoy din ^_^
    paki-sabi naman kung taga-saan kayo…
    feeling ko ako lang ang may gusto ng Sono Hanbira dito sa pilipinas eh… T_T

  20. Wow… It’s nice that Tagalog was also chosen to be one of the languages that will be used for Sono Hanabira…^_^

  21. If you ever need another Portuguese translator i’m always free. ^.~

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