Candy Boy… again?

July 17, 2010

Time to bring some life back to our Candy Boy project… with yet another updated versions! Oh, boy. I think we’re the only group in history to make more than 4 versions or more of each episode.

Oh wait, this is not a batch torrent release. This is an announcement that we’re not dropping this series, our determination to finish this still remain strong, and releasing some of the episodes DDL only. We’re not putting the updated ones on bittorrent. For now, the episodes are DDL exclusive. We’ll only put them on bittorrent after we completed all of the episodes. These are the FINAL, I repeat, FINAL versions. There will be no more updates; what you’re going to see is our FINAL fansub version of Candy Boy. We checked everything from audio and video quality, and translation quality. QC Team went all out to finalize these episodes.

You can get the episodes HERE.

EDIT: EX 01 is now available.

Changes? New encodes, frame rate is now variable instead of forced film like we did in the old versions, files are bigger (don’t ask why), updated scripts, updated typesetting, Koi no Katachi music video now uses the audio track from the CD instead of the original audio from the DVD, and fixed some of the bad frames notably in EX 01’s bridge scene.


What do you think of the new and improved, and FINAL versions? =)

Episode EX 01, episode 01 and episode 02 are currently with our QC Team. Expect them… soon.



  1. Go go. Make them all DVD !!!!!

  2. Awesome! I don’t mind downloading stuff again when I know the fansubbers are really taking their time and great effort on what they do. Thanks for all this! 😀

    Now, on a side note (and just something I got curious about). Does “SHiN” mean anything? Or is it just a cool way to write the name “Shin”? o.o


    Ahem… On a side note I only seem to find 4 of them on the Megaupload link and most of them are the music videos?

    Oh! BTW i finally found the soundtrack to Juuden-chan I can upload it (One thing that made me sad was that the promo video’s BGM was not included T.T)

  4. Took you long enough, Shin.
    Thanks anyway

  5. @Haruya

    I believe he just writes shin like that to be slightly over the top…generally how he is anyway 🙂

  6. Where is the link for the done episodes of candy boy? I find music videos on the megaupload.. ?

  7. Where are the links for those done episodes?

  8. @lolemenqe:

    Currently we have episode 00 available. It’s in the link provided. Episodes 1-2 are coming soon. =)

  9. @Haruya:

    SHiN doesn’t have any special meaning. =) Just making it look cool.

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