Juuden-chan DVD batch 6 is OUT!!!

July 18, 2010

It’s finally done! After months of delay, we present you the final DVD rip batch of Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Sorry this took a while. Lots of stuff going on like the Vanishing Staff and the PC Exploded Incident. Happy downloading!

DVD batch torrent coming soon. We’re updating some of the previous episodes so wait for it!

Torrent and DDL:

Thank you for downloading and would you kindly seed as much as you can?

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Thanks for completing this dvd series.
    And for your competency and hard work.
    Thanks!! I’ll wait for your next project.

  2. U guys are slow, i give u that. But at least u held on and made it to the end. And i thank you for that. Peace.

  3. Attention Downloaders! It appears the number of seeds is merely 1% of the peers. So if you wanna help out, download the files from Megaupload, then help me and the others seed.

  4. “We’re updating some of the previous episodes” – If there are not video/audio changes, please, (please!) patches (on MU for example)! (if you will update)

  5. Thanks for your hard work on this series! I’ve really enjoyed everything you’ve put into it and look forward to your future projects.

    By the way, if you make any changes to your previous files before releasing the batch are you going to provide patch files so we don’t have to download everything all over again?

  6. @FMZ & Geese1

    We’re replacing the video of each episode with updated ones. Yeah, I’m sorry, it feels like you downloaded the previous episodes for nothing. =(

  7. I was about to go to bed after a pretty good day then checked here and now it will be a great day. Thanx a lot!

  8. Now this project is over, good luck for the yuri animes “Sono Hanabira” (somebody find an yuri italian fan, please !), “Kuttsukiboshi” and the hentai without H “Aki Sora : Yume no Naka” !

  9. … That pic is disturbing… It took me a minute to figure out what was bothering me about it, and I finally realized that she has side-boob-cleavage ~_~;;

    WTF? She’s like 8yo lol >_<;; Not complaining about you guys, unless you happened to be the artists who made that pic.

    ❤ you guys for subbing the DVDs, and everything else you do.

  10. Oh, I need to download the batch !. xD

  11. We’re still waiting patiently for Working!! 🙂

  12. Working will probably come soon, as for the DVD art…Just lolwut? I guess it’s expected of a anime like Juden-Chan :\

  13. I think it bugs me mainly cuz she is like 8yo and I have small daughters ~_~;; <<< Not much of a loli fan lol

  14. @Phycoforce

    Thanks for the info coz it’s a shame if you guys drop it & all of us fans are waiting patiently for it

  15. WOO HOO!!!

    Boobies complete, and archived!

  16. cant wait for the batch…

  17. Thanks guys. Appreciate all the hard work.

  18. Thnx! Awesome work!! Just asking 2 questions.
    1. What is changed in v2?
    2. Can you make a patch so that we won’t have to dnld again?

  19. @HaloGuy:

    Changes are (what I said earlier) we’re updating the video with new ones. Not making patches.

  20. I guess I’ll have to dnld again. Thnx again for making this project successful even though it took some time. ^^

  21. Thanks for getting the last bit of it out, guys.

    How long are you expecting it to be before the updated batch is complete? Just out of curiosity.

  22. @Daverost:

    I’d say next week. =)

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