Project Updates, etc. [08-06-10]

August 6, 2010

This screenshot depicts our current condition.

In case you missed some of the old news, I’ll post them again.

  • We’ll stop subbing the TV version of Working!! and jump straight to DVD.
  • We haven’t started subbing the DVD versions of Working!! episodes 4-6. Lots of stuff to do at once. We’ll work on them when we have the time.
  • Sasameki Koto will get the same treatment as Working!! We’ll work on the DVDs as soon as we finish some of the old stuff.
  • Candy Boy DVD is progressing rather smoothly. We already have the updated/TLC’d scripts for episodes 1-4.
  • Fullmoon wo Sagashite DVD is on hold.
  • Sono Hanabira OVA is almost ready. Waiting for our editors, TCL’er and QC to finish.
  • Aki Sora – Yume no Naka is still being translated by our TL. ETA not certain.
  • K-ON 7 is 85% complete. Waiting for editor to submit script.

I think that’s it. Now for the second part.

The group is slowly growing, adding new shows, and stuff. With that, we’re going to need some new hardware to keep up with the demand. Currently we need another hard disk and a new computer. See HERE for more details. Sending us the hardware itself if you’re okay with the idea. =)


– SHiN



  1. Shin, what does “ETA” mean ?
    By the way, wil u drop “Reo x Mai Diaries” or not ?

  2. @Johnny:

    ETA stands for “Estimated Time of Arrival” =)

    We’re still doing Reo x Mai of course!

  3. Great !!

  4. Since you’re stopping TV versions of Working!! & have released ep 1 & 2 of BD for it & have no Xvid, I believed in the previous post it’s said that there was going to be Xvid versions of it or is it just the remaining episodes?

  5. @ranmachua:

    There is no Blu-ray version of Working!!. We currently subbed episode 3 DVD and episode 4 onwards, we’re gonna include the XviD versions. Episodes 1-3 will be available in the batch release.

  6. I would love to donate but, I live in Korea so there’s no way to send cash…..

  7. Thanx for the reply shinx. im glad that you dropped the tv version of working, and instead concentrate on the dvd version. looking forward to them. especially the extra scenes.


  8. K-ON!!

  9. I do hope to re-download Working!! [DVD] from Shin-GX someday — I stumbled upon the first few eps in a viewing room at Anime Iowa, and found your scripts more enjoyable than the other releases I’ve been watching since then.

  10. Release batch alrdy with that Candy Boy. Im waiting 1 year alrdy !

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