Sono Hanabira OVA is OUT!!!

August 8, 2010

Here it is at long last, our new yuri project “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi”!

EDIT: This time around, we’re doing something new. Our MKV version will feature 9 more languages containing Hungarian, Tagalog, Russian, German, Italian, Norwegian, Indonesian, French, and Portuguese. We’re giving yuri to everyone while breaking the language barrier. =)

This OVA works as a stand alone – No over-the-top drama that don’t need no back story, the characters are well-established, the ending gives you this more-to-come feel, and of course, a good helping of sex scenes. The production values are rather good for a hentai production; it even has a violin background music with (pseudo) choir humming during one of the sex scenes. How awesome is that?! If the OVA didn’t satisfy you, go play the visual novel. Or watch our Reo x Mai Diaries if playing the novel is not your thing.

Before you start, here’s a quick guide on the labels and how to play the MKV version, the right way:

  • [CEN] stands for Censored
  • [MULTI] stands for Multiple Languages
  • Use CCCP for Windows users
  • See the How to Play Anime page for Linux and Mac users
  • Hit “S” key to cycle between subtitles in MPC-HC for Windows
  • or right-click the Haali icon on the system tray to select the subtitles


Linked with your Sweetheart (h.264+softsubs+10 languages)(version 2)
Linked with your Sweetheart (XviD+hardsubs+English only)


Linked with your Sweetheart (h.264+softsubs+10 languages)(version 2)
Linked with your Sweetheart (XviD+hardsubs+English only)


See: DDL Page


  • 10sigh_baka [English]
  • Radzeer [Hungarian]
  • Silkypico, Yaoi × Yuri [French]
  • Kiba-san [German]
  • faithtear [Indonesian]
  • NeoX, Messer Azzone [Italian] from the Aozora Team
  • tom [Norwegian Bokmål]
  • peter 147, kanguru-kun [Portuguese]
  • Cyber1 [Russian]
  • Takuya, Modhesh [Tagalog/Filipino]

Comments? Suggestions? Please tell us!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can and if you wish to support the group for future projects, a little donation helps!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


We apologize for not including Spanish in this release.



  1. WOW That’s alot of different languages!

  2. You guys rock.

    Just sayin’.

  3. > We’re giving yuri to everyone while breaking the language barrier. =)

    No translation needed. Yuri is spoken worldwide 😉

  4. good job, you guys.

    i’m really impressed with this release.

  5. YURI RULES !!!

  6. If you need help for the french version, i’m ready to help you.

  7. Awesome release! You guys are trully one of my favorite groups. The time you take to make your releases really shows up. Waiting impatiently for the MKV version. 🙂

  8. awesome. i still dont understand y u guys do avi 1st not mkv. but still u guys are awesome.

  9. Shin releases mkv, but is waiting for the translations of script in 9 or 10 languages.

  10. simply epic win.
    is that Bahasa on the middle left?

  11. @anu:

    Yup! 😀

  12. It’s just so awesome… This is the first time that I have encounter a site that makes subs in different languages… You guys rock!!! =>

  13. Their naked body are just too cute and too pinkish.
    I have a request.
    Please uncensor their vaginas like StrikeS did with Strike Witches.
    I can’t do it myself because I am sucks at drawing.
    Thank you.

  14. @Kucing:

    Uh, we’re not good at doing that. =(

  15. I think the proper way of saying ‘I love you too” in Bahasa Indonesia would be ‘Aku juga cintamu’. ‘Aku juga sayang kamu’ lacks intimacy. ‘Sayang’ use more in parents-child situation or with friends.

  16. @kucing
    go post screencaps on 4chan and ask someone to vector trace the parts you want uncensored

  17. @darkcharm
    yes, you right. “cinta” is an exact translation of “love”.
    But, you’ll got a closest atmosphere if use the word “sayang”.
    So we will stick with “sayang”. 🙂

  18. On the spanish version, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say “Yo también te amo” rather than “Yo también te quiero”? After all, Te amo > Te quiero, meaning, “Te amo” holds a deeper, more intimate feeling. That’s just an spanish-talker’s opinion, though.

  19. Haruya, I agree, too… “Amar” adds more feeling than “querer”, also both words have a very different meaning. And I’m telling this since I already translated it in Spanish.

  20. Thank you sub of different languages ^_^

    for sub Indonesia actually I already sub and can already be downloaded via torrent ^_^

    “Aku juga sayang kamu, Reo”, I think in the Indonesian language, more appropriate “Aku juga mencintaimu, Reo”

  21. @Dimdom
    You mean the one that titled “menjadi kekasihmu”?

    This is a Yuri world.. so.. different word have a different meaning.. *halah*

  22. Everyone’s a critic indeed lol
    BTW, don’t tell me you guys let Google Translate handle the translations?

  23. @anu:

    That question is insulting the people who are working hard producing the scripts, you know. And I’m trying to say it nice to you. =/

  24. Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that, it’s just weird that you guys got that many critics about word choice for the translations. Well, I haven’t watched the Indonesian sub yet, so I don’t know how “Indonesian” it is. ^_^

    Once again I’m sorry if I offended you (and your team), and I appreciate your hard work for making this available in Indonesian lol.

  25. @anu:

    Each translator has their own quirk, style, and preference so the output of their work may be different, non-mechanical, unique even. Of course people are gonna criticize them. The people we assigned to translate are all native speakers and not random goons who think they can speak any language.

  26. @anu
    Google didn’t understand Yuri yet…
    If I let google to produce s script.. it’s really is will give an output “cinta” for “love” than “sayang”. 😀
    Don’t worry.. you’ll be accustomed for a while 🙂

  27. oh man… that was awesome!!! >_< can i have the .avi format of it? please do one!!! I'm begging! since it's released, I haven't watched it in subbed… .mkv is no for me, so please!

  28. @hisui19:

    We already have the AVI version! See? It’s there!

  29. WOW..Just amazing..I love it.

    And I hope to see more of it around. XD

  30. What!? A sub in Tagalog? A HENTAI in Tagalog!? This is really something else!!

  31. Wait..There is no Images, just sound for me..Help??

  32. @ItsMe:

    Uh… We have a How to Play Anime Page for playback problems…

    The video codec is XviD, if you have its codec installed or the DivX one, it’ll play.

  33. Aw, may I ask what happened with the Spanish version? I’m sure many people were waiting for it. o.o

  34. @Haruya:

    The Spanish script was not included because the computer of the translator crashed taking with it all of his files. I can’t give him a few days to re-make his translation because of the 1 week deadline we gave to all of our translators.

  35. yay!!!! XD arigatou!!!! *bow*

  36. Hey i can make sub thai hahaha.
    thank you verymuch for sub english
    but i choose fansub you to trans to thai Language >.<

  37. Wait, what the fuck?

    Since when was there an animated version of Sono Hanabira?

  38. @Sir Fagsalot:

    It was announced a year ago. I guess only the folks at the yuri community fully know of its existence.

  39. Hello!

    I’m very reluctant to download this file because it was tagged as censored.

    Tultiple languages are my consolation price but since this site is about Yuri and ahem honestly I love yuri, the site has been tagged!

    I’ll be downloading candy boy now.

  40. Linked with your Sweetheart (h.264+softsubs+10 languages) Torrent

    I downloaded the above file and the it’s broken, well I left my computer the whole night and I juist found out that it went off this morning. I’ll try the other file.

  41. @brixter:

    For now, try this link: http://sukebei.nyaatorrents.org/?page=torrentinfo&tid=31151

    Or if it’s not working, DDL is your option.

  42. hi @ Shin-gx, I can watch the file but the screen flickers. File may be broken or corrupt. I’ll try your suggested link.

  43. @brixter:

    If both links didn’t work and you’re certain it’s 100% downloaded, I guess the problem lies with your codecs. If that’s the case, we always suggest you use CCCP. =)


  44. Screen flickers exactly at 00:05, anyways, I’ll download the other files (im not a pervert though^^) cccp is a great, now all my mkv files had thumbnails. I never knew this existed.

  45. Brixter, it’s censored, because it’s japanese raw. All japanese hentai are censored because of japanese laws on the subject.
    The censorship is only removed when it’s licensed elsewhere (particulary in USA).

  46. Hi @ johnny, thanks for the info. Love the this hope they make a 12 episode series.

    Hi @ Shin-gx, I got the hardsub version and the problem is non-existent.

    Watching anime makes me forget about my php project development. Watching anime will nail you down to your seat.

    I’l be looking forward to your Kuttsukiboshi project. Keep it up guys!

  47. Well, maybe the longer you’ll wait for, the better it will be for you…

  48. many many thanks but goddamit because of you my HDD is now full …

  49. I just stumbled in this website because I am looking something new material, something turned me is that you have a Tagalog sub

    I was shocked and impressed since one ever made a tagalog sub [both H and non- H]

    Thank you for providing this material, and I am both laughing and a bit relaxed watching this one

    Good luck on your next projects

    [Edit] there are some Tagalog typos i saw but its minor…

  50. How do you see and select the language of the subs using Windows Media Player?
    I followed these steps but still couldn’t display the subs

  51. @cloe:

    You must use Media Player Classic NOT Windows Media Player. In order to get the player, you need to download CCCP – a codec pack we recommend. After you installed it, follow the instructions I posted in the release post.

  52. This is illegal, reported to the FBI.

  53. It just wont let me download, so I went to the Direct Download section and looked for it… Kay, I downloaded via fileserve, but now I need a password to extract the file… Help meee!! ;-;

  54. @Pao Pao:

    The torrent is not working for you? And… show me the download link you used that has a password block. =/ is this the one? http://www.fileserve.com/file/RYER5Xy or this? http://www.fileserve.com/file/C7pmESP We didn’t put our stuff in rar or zip files and you’re probably the first to report this issue.

    Alternatively, you can use megaupload:

    MKV: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SUBF4ZMJ
    AVI: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SUBF4ZMJ

  55. +w+thankyouuuuuuuuu

  56. Hey guys, This is AMAZING WORK, not only is the quality so high, you’ve also translated it into so manly languages, truly bringing the heartwarming feeling of yuri to everyone’s hearts!! NICE JOB!! you guys deserve the biggest thumbs up EVER.

  57. Any chance 720p is coming out? I found one but it had hard-subbed Spanish. Nothing against Spanish, except I don’t understand it.
    Those guys are MDLuffyOP.

    And THANK YOU for an instant favorite Yuri title. And is the voice actor for Reo who I think it is?!

    This is a MUST HAVE.
    Thanks guys!!


  58. @Kesra Kiranov:

    Unfortunately this is a DVD only OVA and DVD resolution is about 480p. We can’t make a 720p version if it’s not a Blu-ray source. Upscaling the DVD won’t make much of a difference.

    And you’re welcome! As for Reo’s voice, the actress’s name is “Kyouka” and she did three anime including Sono Hanabira.

  59. Thank you for the info, totally appreciated! 🙂


  60. Please help me, i have no idea how to dowload…

  61. @lulu:

    First you need a bittorrent client. There are many types, but I suggest utorrent: http://www.utorrent.com/ Once you have that installed, simply click on the links under “Torrents,” and voila! If all else fails, you go and try out the DDL alternative.

    And if it’s your first time playing an MKV file, please check out the “How to Play Anime” page.

  62. Filipino language? OMG (Pinoy here :P)

  63. Thanks so much! ^____^ For making this available, and for everything on your youtube page! Thank you!

  64. Wow, Norwegian!? I didn’t expect that at all! Great release!

  65. i cant get it to play on my mac no matter what i do, any help? i went to help page and downloaded the player but that isnt seeming to work(i made sure i meet system requirements also) any tips would help, thank you!

  66. @maddy nelson:

    Sorry for not replying sooner. Unfortunately we can’t help you if the guide didn’t fix your problem. You see, the current staff don’t use MAC, so we can’t troubleshoot for you. I suggest you uninstall the player and retrace your steps. Maybe you missed a step or two.

  67. aww they are too cute one of the best yuri ova’s ive seen in a while, thank you for upload

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