Everyone’s a Critic

August 9, 2010

Everyone’s a critic… Can’t get rid of ’em, can’t live without ’em.

Beat the game and my archives is telling me I finished 25 out of 26 missions… There might be an extra mission if I chose Nova or the Protoss or something. Anyway, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was a good game. =)



  1. There’s a secret mission. In the one on Korhal, where you have to broadcast Mengsk’s crimes through the three media centers, there’s a science facility in the lower right. If you destroy it and pick up the secret documents, it unlocks the secret mission – it’s another one where you have to destroy hybrids, like the one with Zeratul in Brood War

  2. There is a hidden mission you unlock on the media blitz map.

    SC2 is good and all but I swear the AI is not as mean as it was on SC and WC2… I also hate that they tied difficult and speed together. IMO speed options are a vital inference option for any RTS, you slow it down to multi task/micro manage you speed it up when things are light to speed up healing or material gathering.

  3. @ZippyDSMlee

    Starcraft usually has a lot of micro and macro going on throughout the entire game and besides the beginning build order there isn’t much “sitting around waiting for minerals” going on, so an interface option to change speeds wouldn’t actually help much

  4. Thomas
    I enjoyed useing the +/- keys to change speed on the fly in WC2,SC and WC3 yet SC2 changes that…it sucks……..

  5. In the rear with the gear!

    Regarding speed, I always played at max speed in SC1, so I don’t miss the ability to dynamically alter speed in single player. Never really thought about it, actually. In the single player SC2 I just play it on Hard most of the time anyway. In multiplayer I always played at top speed too, so again, I’m used to it.

    Also, AI not as good, are you on crack? In SC1, even BW Insane AI wasn’t a challenge at all. You could do 3v5 AI matches on Insane and win. The AI was sooo predictable – and that made it easy.

    On the other hand, in SC2, Very Hard and Insane AI are surprisingly clever on occasion. They will probe defenses, sneak attack, counter attack, and when you attack their units they will sometimes even withdraw/shift around/regroup in a mostly sane manner. The will target the weakest link in a multiplayer match, too.

    Oh! They also coordinate with each other much better. I’ve even had friendly AI coordinate with the human players, and help defend human allies bases. Much easier to work with them. Basically they’re far from perfect, but they’re a big improvement. At least the Very Hard and Insane AI are – Hard and below are pretty retarded, on purpose, I guess.

  6. SCV
    I like being able to keep up with the game so speed is a important tool so I can manage things without getting swamped.

    I have not noticed any of those things the AI seems more predictable as SC1 and dose not bother to hunt for out of the way bases(had at least 2 bases/buildings on the path the AI takes from their main base to mine and ignored it unless troops or something lead them to it and even then if you got rid of those that found it they don’t bother sending in more units to try and finish it off) or buildings or easy to breach spots in my defenses.

    In SC1 and even WC2 I had more than 3 battle fronts going on at once in SC2 I am lucky to have a couple.

    I don’t bother with MP and just play the hell out of SP.

    Its not as evil its as good I suppose but its not evil like I like it 😛

  7. Hahaha! This post was meant to complain about fansub critics but oh well!

    Thanks for pointing out the secret area. Will restart the game after I finish with our projects. =)

  8. Hi there, Raynor.

  9. SHiN-gx: Of course. But since I’ve been playing SC2 a good bit lately, I couldn’t help but get involved in a completely irrelevant SC2 conversation. Speaking of which…

    Zippy, the AI shines in MP (especially 2v2 or 3v3). So if you don’t do MP, you won’t see it. Also, it only proves interesting on the highest difficulty settings for AI. Of course, so long has passed since I’ve played SC1, and I was much better at it than I am at the sequel (must be getting old and lazy). So that might be part of it.

    The reason the AI doesn’t seem to attack extra bases sometimes (sometimes they do though) seems to be a two parter. One, they programmed it to be hell bent on destroying your main base. This is a double-edged sword for the AI. If it succeeds in wiping out your main base, rebuilding can be difficult. If I’m Terran I can usually vacate my most vital buildings and retain my ability to pump out high level units as long as I have cash flow. The other part is that the AI no longer cheats. In SC1, the AI behaved as though there was no fog of war – that’s because it knew where everything was, all the time. It was just so STUPID in SC1 that it didn’t usually matter. If you watch replays of games against the AI in SC1, the evidence is there. Anyway, since they know where your expansions are, they will hit them if they can (islands and high ground make them less attractive targets).

    In SC2 the AI appears to be limited to seeing things just like players. As a result, it has to be smarter in its ability to attack, counter-attack, defend, and coordinate with allies. That’s also why it sends out scouts early-game (ever wonder why the AI randomly sends out a pesky SCV really early game? or maybe it doesn’t do that in single player, and you never saw it). It even tries to avoid getting them killed, though you can often pin/trap them and get that 50 resource kill.

    Anyway, just my opinion. I could butcher SC1 AI, and I always knew exactly what they were up to. SC2 AI doesn’t cheat, but it seems to have it together better, and is a bit less predictable. At least… in multiplayer matches on b.net with the AI set on V. Hard or Insane. I hope they improve the AI further, to set Insane apart from V. Hard more, or add an Insane++ AI. Maybe give it smack talk to simulate a Gosu Korean player.

    “You die! You die now!”
    “I Korea, I kill you!”
    “You disgrace family honor!”

    Side note: I normally don’t get collector’s edition crap, but I got it on sale for $75, and this one was pretty slick. I especially like the art book.

  10. Also, thank you very much for your releases of Working!!, past, present, and future.

  11. >if I chose Nova
    Don’t tell me you picked the rasta nigger with shit accent instead of DAT ASS
    Shon, I am disappoint

  12. Eurofag
    Specters have whiplash a 200 damage dealing attack,specters win.

  13. SCV

    True all the more reason to make the AI see everything in brutal or hard mode and have speed a mechanics thats not bound to any of the the other SP rules. Frankly I would like it if servers did more lower speed stuff, I prefer lower speed harder difficulty… like chess only with “A zerg a shovel and I am bringing them home to you”. LOL

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