What a load of bull…

August 18, 2010

… damn.

Yeah, I know, it’s me with my yuri fangirl mode on MAXIMUM.  I can tolerate stuff but not like this. It’s a big pie to the face with an anvil inside. Hyped for months and you get this big “WHAT THE FUCK?!” I could have sworn the guy who created this is laughing right now.

I’m jumping to conclusions here but wait for another damn year? Oh boy… I can see it now! One year of damn speculations! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Wait until we sub it.

Oh yeah, it was a good thing I never watched your previous two shows.



  1. I didn’t understand the post very well…

  2. @Johnny:

    You’ll find it out… eventually. :3

  3. If it’s yuri, it could be very very good !

  4. Dear God the horror!!! You’re so brave for subbing it even after that raging end… ಠ_ಠ

  5. Oh boy, I think I know what you are refering to, I just found it and, goddamn I rage like i never raged before.

  6. you guys confuse me LOL

  7. looks like Yomi

  8. Ga-rei, right? Haven’t read or seen any of it. But there is yuri?

  9. The Yomi pic is just for the facepalm. I’m going to guess the show in question is Kuttsukiboshi:
    1) Just came out yesterday.
    2) Primastea, the studio, did two previous productions: Isshoni Training and Isshoni Sleeping.
    3) There are two episodes, but the second one does not have a release date attached.

  10. Hrmm… got cut off a bit…
    4) It is a yuri show.
    5) It has been hyped a bit.

  11. I think “Kuttsukiboshi 02” will be released… only next year 😦

  12. Well ending apart, is a yuri for 90% of the episode so it’s ok ne? ne ? ne? 😀

  13. Don’t tell me… they made a bad ending to Kuttsukiboshi?? No… please don’t… I HATE bad endings… never watched “School Days” because of that 😦

  14. @Haviland:

    I’m. Not. Telling! You’ll find out. =)

  15. * cough * you devil…

  16. It was horrible!! I was depressed and angry for 3 days. I can’t stop guessing what will happen next. It was terrible..terrible..terrible!!

    The story was 100x more horrible than its art.

  17. Just seen it… let’s wait next year… but i hope it will be a better end than that from this OVA !

  18. As a yuri fan, I’m so fucking dissapointed about the disastrous end. Everything was OK, but after everything went to shit when they put that fucking stupid shit at the end of the chapter. META AS FUCK. And I don’t want to wait another year. If there is an ending, I WANT IT RIGHT NOW.

    Primastea, die in a boat, kthxbye~

  19. Seriously, these incest themes in anime are starting to get on my nerves.
    Just what the fuck are they trying to prove here? That incest is awesome and we should all try our best to cover the earth in a tide of incestious retards?

    I somehow managed to avoid anime’s with incest themes so far simply by reading articles on san-com and I would’ve very much prefered it to stay this way but nooo… Kuttsukiboshi had to waste a perfectly fine and suprisingly mature Yuri show in the worst way possible, blech!
    Geez, this’ll have me throw up for a week.

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