Looking for a Kuttsukiboshi DVD source

August 23, 2010

Help! We’re looking for the Kuttsukiboshi DVD to work with. Please contact me through email, leave a comment here or PM me in the group’s IRC channel. Without the source, we either use the LQ raw that’s currently floating around or wait for the source to be uploaded on Share or PD. God knows when will that happen. If you don’t know how to rip the VOB off the DVD, we’ll be happy to help!

Thanks and…

The power of yuri compels you! …*cough*


We might consider buying the DVD. Has anyone checked any Japanese stores for the DVD, and its price, shipping costs?


We found two places where to buy it. If we can’t get the ISO from Share or PD or from anyone else by the end of the month, we buy it instead. Of course, sending us donations helps a lot.




We’re going to buy the DVD but currently we have $28 and we need another $15+ (paypal deducts a percentage per donation) to pay for the costs. Uh… got spare change? =)

– SHiN



  1. lols.. big fan of yuri here, good luck on getting the BD rip ^^

  2. It’s not a BDrip, but a DVDrip Shin is looking for.

  3. MAN..Goodluck getting the DVDRip, I hope someone speaks up soon.

    This Yuri is just driving me crazy, I want to see it so bad. Except the waiting a whole Year for the other isn’t so hot. D:

  4. Any luck yet? I’ve tried asking a couple of people on my side but they all refused to buy the awesome…*cough,cough,COUGH* DVD. I’ll keep trying though…

  5. @Wolfie_Tats:

    No luck yet. =(

  6. If i may ask exactly what programs do you use for encoding? Virtualdub or something? I never could get anything to work right… There isn’t really any guide out there for new people 😦

  7. @Gogetters:

    Uh… We use a lot of stuff but we don’t want to leak out specifics. =) We also use VirtualDub for standard AVI encoding. =)

  8. well there are a few copies on isohunt.com

    here: http://isohunt.com/torrents/?ihq=kuttsukiboshi

    maybe that’ll work?

    hope I helped c:

    and good luck!

  9. @Husk:

    No luck there. We want is either a VOB or the DVD ISO.

  10. @SHIN-gx

    oh, well :c

    hope you find it, i’m soo excited.

  11. If we can’t find it then we have to buy it instead. Not exactly sure how much is the DVD and its shipping and handling costs.

  12. It doesn’t seem that expensive.


  13. @Sean:

    Yeah and we already acknowledged that. Next is to determine how much exactly we’re going to spend on the shipping if Japan blocks a certain country and we might re-ship it.

  14. I see the problem now. If you’re in North America it’s an extra 1,700 yen + 300 per item. In Europe that’s 2,700 yen + 300 extra per item. Which is a lot. And although DVDs are, for the most part eligible for export, I see Amazon is also saying exceptions apply to certain skus (and I guess you’d have no way of knowing until you place the order). Plus you might need to pay tariffs. That’s quite daunting…

  15. @Sean:

    Ouch. We’ll see what we can do here. =/

  16. Checked and the total actual cost is $34.63 for country X and $38.32 for North America.

  17. I already ordered the dvd by SAL (sent 10 days ago), it should arrive within a week. If you want, I can send you the iso.

  18. @Klick:

    Wow, great! Yes, please! I will arrange an FTP account for you to upload it. =)

  19. donation: done…
    good luck guys!

  20. @Noir:

    Thanks! Are you the one from Germany? Your email add is different from the one you’re using here.

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