Kuttsukiboshi Episode 01 OUT!!!

September 4, 2010

Don’t ask what round they’re currently at. It keeps the “suspense” up.

We gave you Sono Hanabira OVA, Aki Sora – Yume no Naka and now we give you Kuttsukiboshi!

Kuttsukiboshi translates as “Stars Intertwined” and the story is uh… Girl A is gay for Girl B. Girl B turns out to be gay for Girl A. Then both girls got really, really, really close. As in really, really, really, really close. Yuri ensues! Yeah, we know, the idea is great! To summarize 90% of the show, see HERE.

Unfortunately, the second episode will be on August 2011 and with a cliffhanger like that, you often wish you’d threate- uh… I mean, encourage PRIMASTEA to make the second episode as early as possible.


  • Slightly updated script
  • New video encode will less artifacts. Source is very bad to begin with, okay? I lessened the undesirables.

Since there’s no space to put in our credits, we’ll put them here.


Chef Trace

Special thanks to Klick for sharing with us the Kuttsukiboshi DVD. =)

Now that’s out of the way, on to the show!




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The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. May the 2nd OVA be better…

    I’ve said it before & over & over again, but i’m not the only one to think it…

  2. omg! I know nothing of this until this moment! yuri anime FTW! if it sucks i will mope for days

  3. waiting for the hardsubbed version.

  4. thank you!!!

  5. Much thanks for subbing this show Shin-gx! Will you also be doing the Tamayura anime this fall? It has been widely marked as yuri.

  6. Thanks, you roxx

  7. bleh, it ended up being retarded lol.

  8. i keep thinking back to this and it always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    anyways, thanks for the release.

  9. cliffhangers ..argh!

    But, thanks for subbing ;D!

  10. @Lucy:

    Not really sure about this. We’re gonna follow our non-existent standard procedure of checking if our translators like the show or not and CrunchyRoll not subbing it (You know our track record – slow! With so many rippers, we see no point.) =)

  11. Looking forward to this one.

  12. Living the Dream? Haha, nice work Shin! Downloading the episode as I write this.

    PS: Is this what you meant by (https://shingx.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/what-a-load-of-bull) ? lol

  13. @Haruya:

    Uh, yep. A reason why I wrote “90%” of the summary in the post. =)

  14. Argh… I HAVE TO WAIT ONE F****** YEAR?? Oh hell ^^

    There HAS to be a good reason for that… or else I will set that girl on my “Worst badasses ever” list…

    Anyway, thanks for subbing!

  15. Son of a bitch! Now I understand all the ranting about the ending. Talk about a kick to the gut.

    On the bright side, thanks for the video Shin, as usual.

    But still. FAAAAACK! @_@

  17. what is the difference between hard and soft subs

  18. WHAT?! With that final -Coughs-
    Great work.

  19. @stiggie:

    Hardsubs simply means the subtitles are hardcoded into the video. You can’t turn them off, it’s part of the video. Softsubs simply means subtitles are not hardcoded and you can turn it off much like in DVDs where you can switch the subtitles on or off.

  20. Need to add “cheating slut” and “incest” to the tag list, if you ask me. A heads-up is needed for this type of thing, as the ending ruins it entirely. Wouldn’t have even bothered downloading it if I knew what was going to happen.

    *deletes file and ‘doesn’t’ await sequel*

  21. I am not interested in your lesbian anime.

  22. @David:

    Uh… I know lots of people hate this OVA but… I still have to release a version 2 of it. =(

  23. First of all.

    Thanks for your always hard work…but.
    You know ? Some time when “this type” of show flood out too much, it can change from “excite” to be …er..”some thing”…er….you understand right ?

    I am so sorry that I have pass this one…really really sorry.

  24. Can I have a question about the rip?
    Since teh dvdiso is out there now, I have been looking on it and noticed that your encoder apparently used colormatrix(), to convert the video from bt709 colormatrix to bt601. At first I wondered why – since it is a dvdrip, not a downscale from bluray/hdtv. After some inspecting however, I started to think it indeed might have been the right thing to do (looking at skintones and mainly green areas)…

    Can you tell me how the encoder came to the conclusion the filter was needed? Educated guess, or was tehre some particular evidence that the dvd has illegal colormatrix? Or even, was it accidental?
    Thanks for enlightening me 🙂

  25. @Fruit:

    I think I deleted the AVS file used to cook up that encode so I’m not sure I used “Colormatrix()” or set x264’s colormatrix to “undef.” There’s no special reasoning why I used bt601 in this encode, really. I just followed the idea that if the content is HD, use bt709, and bt601 if the content is SD (576p below, I think). I’m not truly the expert and I’m the type of person who is satisfied by the results of the visual presentation of the painting instead of its composition. I just follow what the other encoders are using. =)


    Yes, I did a comparison, of course. The encode with colormatrix bt601 has better visual results.

  26. Oh, to explain…
    A dvd source should be natively bt601 (and the mpeg2 streams on the dvd indeed specify bt470 which equals bt601), but this one actually looks like it is bt709, which is why I asked – because I was able to replicate your rip’s look only if I used colormatrix() – the default behavior of the filter is conversion from (assumed) bt709 to bt601. It looks better when converted so too, I think.

    I suspect the dvd is just broken…

  27. Episode 2 has been confirmed for August of 2011!

  28. When is Episode 2 coming out? its already October -.-

  29. @Anonymous:

    We suspect the second episode was delayed and our best bet is it’ll be released this Comiket 81 (December).

  30. Ohh.. Okay, i guess we’ll find out in December then.. Thanks! 🙂

  31. sooo random note.. seems the MKV torrent link is “not a valid bencoding” so says Utorent and the direct down load is gork due to being pulled from FS’servers. if you have a chance.. a moment.. a fix would be lovely ❤

  32. @Zazi:

    Strange. The torrent links are fine here. Have you tried the Nyaatorrents version? For the DDL… Unfortunately we won’t be hosting new ones any time soon. So yeah, the only way to download our stuff is through bittorrent and XDCC.

  33. Thankies, the tor from Nyaa worked. odd that the one here didn’t they look praticly the same.

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