DDL Page (Slightly) Updated

September 6, 2010

Direct Download Page slightly updated. Was kinda free so I spent my time adding Cyber1’s links. We re-arranged the files so you can find them easily and won’t accidentally download the wrong file or format or source. We’ll be adding Hotfile links and updating our Mediafire links very, very soon so you will now have 3 DDL sites to download our subs! Bittorrent, XDCC, 3 DDL sites… with 5 choices to choose from, there’s no way you can’t get our subs!

As always, report any broken links, and missing episodes.


  • Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!
  • Sasameki Koto
  • Kannagi
  • Aoi Hana
  • Candy Boy
  • Kuttsukiboshi
  • Working!!
  • K-ON!!

Where is the DDL page?! It’s right over there at the right, on the Pages section.

That’s it! Questions? Uh… this? We’re all ears!

– The person in the picture


  1. that’s nice! but I rarely use DDL to DL your subs. and I love torrent. xD

  2. I cnat dl teh sub!1

    I has 2400 byaud Hayes mowdem. HE1P!!one

  3. @SCV:

    Uh… I can’t help you if you don’t specify what anime, its episode number(s), and format(s) you are trying to download. Or want me to fax you the episodes in black and white?

  4. In the candy boy section, the episodes there are from the old translation, right ? Why don’t u remove them and add only the new ones? Any information about when it’ll be finished? I want a dvd batch with all episodes and etc…

  5. Just mail every episode of every show you’ve done to me on LS240 discs. Failing that, cram them on thousands of 2.88MB Japanese floppies. You’ll need a Japanese floppy drive compatible with that spec, of course.

    Seriously though, I’m with Modhesh. I only use your torrents, because that’s the only way I can share my bandwidth with other users. I try to hit at *least* a 1.00 ratio before I remove the torrent from my client. 😉

    Also, you probably even weren’t born yet when a 2400 baud modem was hot shit.

  6. @SCV:

    I’m an early 80’s person and don’t know much about computers. I was born and raised literally in the woods. *quote Superman* “I’m a Kansas farm boy.” Good thing I’m in civilization now. =)


    Uh whoops, haven’t actually checked that folder. I’ll fix it. =) EDIT: For the batch? Not sure, to be very honest. So far we fixed the scripts up to episode 4 and we only did the new encodes up to episode 2. For a DVD source, properly fixing it is quite tedious. =/

  7. I use DDL everytime. ^^ I don’t use torrents that much.

  8. Yomi ;_;

  9. Fileserve croaked, all ddl links dead

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