$5 left for delivery [Target Met]

September 16, 2010

We purchased a certain upgrade and since the main PC of SHiN-gx is somewhere in the Pearl of the Orient Sea, the shipping cost is kinda big and… yeah, we need 5 more bucks to pay off the delivery guys. What did we buy? It’s not a hard disk, sadly. We’re replacing old and burnt out parts of the motherboard (not literally speaking) and  add it with a new RAM.

Help us out!

– SHiN



  1. Is the babe provided in exchange of $5 ? :p

  2. @Johnny:

    If you’re lesbian, she might agree. =)

  3. I’m a lesbian man !
    By the way, who’s this character ?

  4. Sent in 50$ get er done. *fapfapfapfapfap* lulz

  5. Donated a bit.
    Thanks for Working!!

    (see what i did there)

  6. 5 dollars? Really, you guys don’t have 5 dollars? I don’t know what to say. I’d donate, but, well, that takes effort, and extra clicking.

  7. @Johnny:

    She’s Sakura from the anime Kampfer.

    @ZippuDSMlee & ._.:

    Woah! Thanks! XD


    Calculated cost exceeded what we expected from 10 bucks to 16.99. So yeah.

    Thanks, comrades!

  8. “What did we bought?”

    ‘What did we buy?’ is what you guys meant to say.

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