Re: Trap Maid – Troll Video

September 21, 2010

Yeah, I know, April is still far away. To make one point clear, I don’t loathe traps or yaoi, I simply don’t like it and I will never go around screaming I hate them.

For my personal amusement, I decided to troll the fans of traps by disguising the gameplay demo of Doom 3 as a webrip version of the trap hentai. Why did I target the upcoming, schedule not yet announced trap hentai “Shounen Maid Kuro-kun” in the first place? I can’t think of any new anime that’s currently popular so I picked this one because people at certain places liked it. And why of all things I used a Doom 3 video? I don’t know, to be honest. I  just randomly picked any video I have in my computer. Oh yeah, the troll video symbolizing me as the Doomguy and killing Hell’s creation – yaoi is MERELY A COINCIDENCE (though I do love Doomguy’s reaction when he looked up and saw Cyberdemon’s crotch area)!

Oh and don’t misunderstand, it was never my intention to ask for donations in the troll release. I wanted the entire post  to be undetectable as possible by putting in the usual stuff from picture, post, torrent and MU links and of course, the donation link.

Did the release fooled a lot of people? Yes but only a handful. I might troll a lot more people if  TT wasn’t down. I was expecting some backlash but so far, nothing serious other than the nyaa and MU links were taken down and me screwing up and almost degraded a critical foundation that’s holding the group together. Ouch! In some way, I was reverse-trolled due to my uh… incompetence. I’m really the group’s troublemaker…

I’m sorry to the people I trolled and sorry to the group for almost killing it.

– SHiN




  1. Lol, I looked at the post, thought “gay” then walked away. But now that I hear it was really some Doom game play, I feel like watching it.

  2. @DoomDoom:

    Hahaha! Unfortunately, the links were taken down. I don’t have the motivation to upload the video back up… for now.

  3. I manage to download one. And boy, it was good trolling…^U^

  4. I didn’t dl it but lol anyway ❤

  5. I’m with doomdoom – if I had known the troll was some doom3 demo video i’d probably have downloaded it just for the fuck of it!

    Anyway, no idea why a troll.exe would cause issues within the group – that just seems bizarre and out of place in the fansubbing universe.

    Anyway, take care.

  6. Sometiems what everyone needs is a good troll, tho groups like DB and Ayako are just aholes with it.

  7. *shrugs* DB’s trolls weren’t a big deal because it was always REALLY, REALLY obvious. Even if you missed the other hints, and you didn’t pay attention to schedule, all you had to do was look at the link and/or torrent filename.

    I can’t comment on Ayako’s trolls. Anyway, a good troll here and there helps build character. 😉

  8. Hi shin

    Your probably busy doing other stuff.
    But any word on a new working episode?


  9. @John:

    Not sure but we’re expecting Working!! 8-9 to be released next week.

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