We’re still alive… and Panty & Stocking is a go.

October 12, 2010

Staff deciding on what to prioritize through “diplomatic” means

I must be extremely bored to keep on writing stuff like this without giving you guys anything.


Just letting you guys know that we’re 90% done on the final, FINAL version of Candy Boy. Our assigned TL 10sigh_baka gave me the final episode yesterday and when our QC’er is done with his Uni and stuff, hopefully we’ll release it next week together with the AVI version as well. DDL and XDCC will be available real soon. *still crossing fingers* So, Lyc, get back here!!!

Working!! 8-11 are currently in the works. Translator and editor are very busy these days.

WE’RE NOT GONNA DROP Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Episode 1 script is done and it’s currently in the hands of our editor. ETA? Hopefully next week.

For K-ON!!, we’re now switching to Blu-ray. We will still provide AVI versions. Huge apologies to tom for wasting his hours downloading the TS files we will no longer use. We’re very sorry, comrade. =(

That’s it!

SHiN – still sane after weeks without home internet



  1. LOL that .gif seems pretty nifty 😛

  2. omg what anime is that gif from its so cute

  3. Really, really, really need the source of that gif!!! (O.O)

  4. Hope Working! is still on track

  5. @Sahna : this gif comes from the famous yuri (well, more shoujo-ai) anime called “Strawberry Panic”.

  6. I’m really looking forward to more episodes of Working!! Thank you so much–it has been a really enjoyable series.


  8. o.o how to get the gif…

  9. bluray sucks

  10. @10sigh_baka

    Right click on image go down to save images as and them name and save and tada you’ve got it.

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