Working!! DVD batch 5 is OUT!!!

November 5, 2010

Sorry to have kept you waiting, folks! Here is volume 5 of Working!!

Volume 5 covers episodes 8 and 9. With Yamada now in the gang, they changed the OP and ED to accommodate the new employee. Do I have to brag every time that Yamada is the BEST character in the show? =) *ahem* Oh and we need seeders for this!

According to a group people, episode 9 is considered to be one of the best episodes in the series (the absolute best is the Yamada episode, by the way). Personally I agree but not because of this, mind you! =) Oh yeah, there is a shocking discovery in this episode as well. Who would have thought she’s that kind of person! Anyway, this is the last episode of DVD volume 5. Regarding DVD volume 6-7, our translator, evilsearat is currently MIA so we can’t go further without his translations. He’s also in charge of Aki Sora – Yume no Naka. If you happen to see him – lasso him, tie him up like a calf in one of those Marlboro commercials and bring him back.  We’ll still supply you with Monster Princess OVA and Yuri Seijin Naoko-san OVA this December.


Working!! 08 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 09 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Working!! 08 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 09 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)

DDL: (Hotfile)

Working!! 08 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 09 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)


Drop by our IRC channel!

The group is understaffed, one of the raw providers will be out on vacation for two or more weeks and thus making one of our FTP servers go offline as well, the distro is MIA so seeding is slower than usual and I, the ever adorable SHiN, am still unable to restore my home internet (read comment from here). The group still functions without me but not really at 100%. With that, I’m going to bluntly say this: I need exactly $100 to restore connection so if you happen to have some spare change, please donate! Seriously, things will go a bit faster if I’m always around to supervise.

Comments? Suggestions? Please tell us!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


We’re still editing the Railgun OVA and… what do you think is the closest English equivalent for “onee-sama”? Best character on AT2.



  1. Honored sister

  2. Am I dreaming? can someone pinch me???
    Do I see a working episode?

    Someone call CNN This is world news.

    Thanx everyone

  3. “Onee-sama” litteraly means “big sister”, but with a yuri meaning, i could translate it by ” my loving” or “my darling”.

  4. comradeeeee -,- if you are serious about yuri you wouldn’t try to assimilate “onee-sama” into English! (having gone through all four seasons of Marimite, my conviction that there is no acceptable equivalent for “onee-sama” is irreversible…)

    but honored sister is close =/ it’s just that if nobody says “honored sister” in English anyway, might as well use “onee-sama” XDDDDD

    *futile protest*

  5. Good vision, 10sigh baka !
    Are u OVA’s translator ?

  6. *double post* thanks Johnny for “my darling”, which would flow perfectly and be in context… apart from the fact that it’s too “equal”. x_x

  7. and yes, I translated the OVA, so any problems when it comes out, rage at me XDDD

  8. 1 seed? Omg.. at least provide MU links.

  9. its not unnormal that new torrents only got one seed.

  10. Just Leave onee-sama alone~~ Desu~ It’s one of those dialects that is sacred.

    You don’t translate Desu~!! Desu~ Desu~ Desu~ Desu~
    You leave it in and let it live

  11. That is so easy, SHiN. Onee-sama = “my beloved sister” or “my dear sister” (井ω口)ノ

  12. The problem is “sister” isnt right is this context.

  13. ^ How so? Because Sparky isn’t her real sister? But everyone already knows that, I don’t see why it would be a big deal to use the word sister >.>

  14. because sister has no romantic/yuri connotations x_x

  15. and it also makes it sound like a convent…

  16. And that’s why I suggested “my beloved sister” or “my dear sister”, there’s your romantic connotation >.>

    Even if it didn’t have any romantic connotations, like I said, everyone who’s going to watch this OVA already knows:
    1. Kuroko and Misaka are not real siblings.
    2. Kuroko (romantically) loves Misaka.
    3. The meaning of the word “Onee-sama” (maybe not everyone but a good majority knows it and those who genuinely do not know it should already know what Kuroko and Misaka’s relationship is.)

    One word is not going to make or break an anime, no matter what some people would like to think. IMO, people should be more concerned if the translation/editing are correct 🙂

    As for sounding like a convent, I believe there’s a difference between calling someone “sister” and “Sister”.

  17. Yeah! Working!

    As for Onee-sama… I don’t think it needs translating, because the translation (as you’ve said) doesn’t help make sense of things, for those who don’t understand what’s going on. You can always make a note about it at the top when she first says it.

    In English, getting referred to as a sibling by someone you’re not related to has the exact opposite connotation as the one she is conveying. Like having a chick you’re after tell you that you’re “like a brother”. It’s a real bitch move. So, yeah, translating it won’t help anyone. A note might. Unless you want to translate it to “soul mate” or something silly.

  18. I am surprised some fans of SHiN-gx insist on leaving one Japanese word untranslated when the group always translated every Japanese word >.>


    I’d like to point out again that 99.99% of those who are going to watch this OVA already know the dynamics between Sparky and Kuroko. I mean, would one word really change your perception of their relationship?

    Also, for the remaining .01%, why can’t we just ESTABLISH “Onee-sama = My dear/beloved sister” and that (in Japan) a girl calling another girl like that means she loves that girl in a romantic way? Like I dunno, explain it on the release page/post. Just saying…

  19. My point is that almost everyone already knows what it means, and translating it won’t help those who don’t. So basically why bother – if they don’t know what’s going on, the translated version isn’t going to help, and you’ll STILL need a note to explain it.

    So I guess I don’t really care. It just looks/sounds strange translated in this context. If their policy is diehard burn out the japanese, then so be it.

    Also no matter what they decide to do, the note should appear at the top in the video, not only on the release post. Release posts fade, the muxed text stays.

  20. Even if others do it that way, we do it this way. You just have to live with it.

  21. I’d like to point out that the only reason SHiN-gx has fans even though they’re slower than snails (no offense to the group but it’s the truth :P) and most of their projects have been done by other groups who are faster, more popular, and use the “standard/accepted” subbing policies (ie. honorifics, leaving out some Japanese words untranslated, etc.) is mostly because they translate every Japanese word.

    Also, I don’t get why those who do understand the untranslated word would even care if other people might not get it. You can hear it, you can pick out the translated word, you can understand the context so I don’t see any reason why it’s a problem and why the group has to cater to (as some people have admitted) a really small percentage of people who may or may not watch this release.

    I used to think SHiN-gx’s subbing policy was silly 😛 But now, I can appreciate what they are doing and how silly the “standard/accepted” subbing policies are. OMG, I’m praising SHiN-gx!!! 😛

  22. Your comment at the end doesn’t make any sense to me, Yukachi. How are the so-called “standard” (nothing is really what I would call standard, there is more common and less common) policies any more silly than what they do here? Neither one seems silly to me, just different! It is very much a matter of raw opinion as to what style is better for a given anime series.

  23. That’s why I put ” around the word standard because I don’t know how or what you call it >.> I guess I was trying to say the most common or popular form of subbing policies.

    And yes, viewing them as silly or not is just a matter of opinion. That’s why I started my sentence with “I used to think…” which kinda implies it’s my opinion 😛

  24. regarding oneesama/san etc.
    Those also point out age differences (younger vs older), not necessarily a sister.



  26. Does this mean Working won’t be finished & dropped since there are no translators? I hope not…

  27. @ranmachua:

    We’re not gonna drop this. We’ve come this far and it’s kinda dumb to drop it. In a worst case scenario, we’ll re-assign our yuri translator. She’ll have to agree first.

  28. Absolutely do not translate onee-sama, in any show. That’s just a bad bad idea that ruins the feel of the character relationships. Everyone understands the term, so leave it alone, just like name order and honorifics. (Late, but applies to ANY translation.)

  29. When will episode 10 & 11 out? Thanks.

  30. @Setsuna Henry:

    We were side-tracked and we’re not sure when. Don’t worry, we’re not dropping it. =)

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