Candy Boy FINAL batch torrent OUT!!!

December 2, 2010

After all the delays, revisions, and tender loving care, we finally did it. This is our final version of Candy Boy! When we say it’s “final”, we really mean it’s final. We thoroughly re-checked everything and I will even say it’s one of the best fansubs we made. Why we took this long to finish a 10 episode (7+ONA+2 EX episodes) series? Simple answer is we needed more sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Our thoughts of this show? It’s short, sweet and uh… lots of uh, subte… it’s a nice show. :3

Are you satisfied with Candy Boy? Sure you do. Wait, what was that? You want more Candy Boy – more sisterly love? Sadly there’s no news, hints regarding of a new OVA series or additional EX episodes or even a spiritual successor. HOWEVER…! There’s a manga adaptation of Candy Boy with new characters and more inces- uh, sisterly love! My personal favorite part in the manga is Kana’s personality upgrade. Sakuya is fine too. You’ll love it! Oh? What’s that? You want to know where to find the translated chapters? You can get the latest chapters from these guys over HERE or HERE.

On to the release!


Title: Candy Boy
Alternative title: Candy☆Boy
Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: incest, school, yuri
Episodes: 7 + 2 EX episodes + ONA + 3 music videos


Director: Takafumi Hoshikawa
Screenplay: Takafumi Hoshikawa
Character Design: Tatari Habe
Animation Production: AIC
Backgrounds: Studio RUFUS
Recording Studio: Studio T&T
Sound Production: Half H.P Studio


Group: SHiN-gx Fansubs

Container: MKV
Video: 720×480 (Anamorphic) 16:9 H264
Audio: 2.0 Stereo FLAC
Subtitles: English Soft Subtitles (ASS)
Source: DVD

SUMMARY (SHiN’s Perspective):

Candy Boy revolves around the daily lives of two very close twin sisters Kanade and Yukino Sakurai. Not only they have to cope with the ever changing days of their lives, they must also cope with their growing incestuous love towards one another. One sister is trying hard to resist her carnal desires and the other is actually luring her into temptation by teasing (sweet talk, body language, random caresses) her constantly. What’s worse is, not only they’re trying to get in each other’s pants, their overly obsessive freshman has lustful eyes on one of the sisters. Pandemonium ensues.

REAL SUMMARY (Taken from ANN):

Yukino and Kanade Sakurai live together as high school students enjoying their daily life; until one day Sakuya Kamiyama confess her love for Kanade to Yukino, asking for her support. This makes Yukino to release her true feelings for her sister.



Candy Boy [480p h.264 MKV]
Candy Boy [480p XviD AVI]


Candy Boy [480p h.264 MKV]
Candy Boy [480p XviD AVI]


See: DDL Page


Drop by our IRC channel!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can and if you wish to support the group for future projects, a little donation helps!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. I’ll be waiting for MU ddl =P

  2. @aniluv:

    Updating links as we speak. However, it will take us 24 hours to provide DDL to all episodes. =)

  3. BANZAI!!!! ヽ( >∀<)ノ

  4. how is this release compare to frostii’s release?
    which is better?

  5. @qwer:

    Asking us to compare a rival group’s translation is kinda…


    Since you asked, of course ours is better… In every aspect.

  6. Give some examples to prove your claim.

  7. @qwer:

    I can’t explain it because I’m going to be biased about it. It’s best you watch our version and compare it to Frostii’s (the way you sound implies you have their copy).

  8. Shin, are you aware Payapaya Scans has picked up a lot of the series Tsundere left behind? Candy Boy included. Site here: http://www.payapaya-scans.com/

    So… disaster averted? Unless there were other disasters of which I am unaware.

  9. @Seravi:

    I didn’t know. =) I’m not an avid reader (not really a manga guy) and it took me a while to find out tsundere translations stopped doing Candy Boy. =(

  10. A big work is done !
    So you’ll be able to realease another projects !
    Gambatte ne, shin !

  11. Apparently no seeds. Stalled at 61.4%

  12. Awesome job to you and the gang! Yaaaaay! I already watched Candy Boy a long time ago, but just because you said, “When we say it’s “final”, we really mean it’s final. We thoroughly re-checked everything and I will even say it’s one of the best fansubs we made.” — I think i’m gonna’ check out your guys’ version too. 😉
    Cheers to you guys!

  13. Please seed…

  14. Finnaly!

  15. Stuck at 60%, seed…

  16. We don’t complain about the speed cuz we are stuck. Which will means that some filles are not seeded at all from the guy. 2 Hours, 61% – 0 KB/s. Until i reach 61%, i dll with 1 mb.

  17. Yes, ep 1,3,6,7 are practically not beeing seeded. (Not that I’d need them fast. I guess all of us have at least one complete version on our HDD…)

  18. Something probably happened to Shin’s computer or server or whatever he’s got the file on. You’ve already informed him… He’ll eventually come back and discover, O SHIT, IT’S NOT SEEDING, and start it back up again.

  19. @everybody:

    Sorry for the delay in the seeding. Tough part for me because I don’t have my usual internet. Rest assured you’ll get them eventually. =)

  20. Fucking finally.

  21. yay WiN-gx \o/ I’m going to seed this thing’s brains out. Everyone must have this series.

  22. Koi no Katachi [682EDA0E] still got the same audio that sounds like a mono stream :/

  23. Now i stuck at 81%

  24. Stuck at 83.7%


    Come on!! You guys rarely release things and when you do, it sucks when the file isn’t seeded.

    I plan on seeding the file for a little while at least so others can get it, but this is ridiculous. I thought it’d be “fixed” by now.

  25. all seem to be at 83.8% or lower. i.e stalled again.

  26. @suiton:

    You do know I have no home internet, right? I’ve been voicing it out for a while now. You will get the batch. It may take a while to finish but you will get it. If you want the batch or anything we release in the future at a much faster rate, consider donating. =) I’m not saying we move by the amount of greens we receive, it’s just… you know, I have no home internet! ;_;

  27. @qwer


    Also, with SHiN-gx’s release, the signs and ED are softsubbed whereas with Frostii’s release, they’re hardsubbed.

  28. @superweapons:

    Oh crap… The typesetting in the cellphone overlapped… I forgot to put Arena Condensed in the MKV, I guess. ;_;

  29. I honestly didn’t think you guys would ever finish this. I remember a certain someone saying that they’d finish the batch and everything by Christmas … 2009. Thanks for the release! I’ve been waiting forever.

  30. Thanks.

    Too bad the manga makes my eyes bleed.

  31. @Sai1Nonly:

    Lots of stuff going on back then. Actually, our female TLC’er left and I want the project to finish with a girl involved in the TLC and/editing. We waited a while until 10sigh showed up and technically got the project back on track. =) Without her, this might be finished another more year. =(

  32. @Shin

    Give 10sigh my thanks! I just finished watching it (again) and it was awesome (again). Glad I chose to stick with you guys. And, if you don’t mind answering, any updates on future projects?

  33. @Sai1Nonly:

    Future projects, huh? We are doing 2 OVAs this December namely Monster Princess OVA and Yuri Seijin Naoko-san OVA. We’ll start as soon as the DVDs are available and our TL in charge is free and finished doing Railgun OVA and some other stuff.

  34. Thanks for this! Been waiting forever. Downloading now, will seed as much as I can.

  35. Painful to say it, but Frosti subs had more sense. There isn’t alot of different from the first subs i got from you. For example, i lost myself somehwere episode 04, about the birthday of Sak-chan and that drawing from hes sister. Hes birthday already passed, but still Kanade is drawing her a portrait for her brithday… some wrong times maybe… whatever, at least it’s with good quality.

  36. I mean Shi-chan*

  37. Ehem. Thank you to everyone who helped doing this. :3

  38. Xvid version? ;_;

  39. @Waksta:

    Please wait for it. Tough month. ;_;

  40. Thanks for this, this is going to be interesting. So what’s the recommended viewing order (the first time)?

  41. @SpaceKozak:

    You’re very welcome! We suggest you watch the show in this order (including the music videos):

    Episode 00 (ONA)
    Music Video 01
    Episode EX 01
    Episode 01-02
    Music Video 02
    Music Video 03
    Episode 03-04
    Episode EX 02
    Episode 05-07

    Some may argue that EX 01 should be first in line, but… the initial charm of the show is at episode 00. =)

  42. Thank you for the viewing order.

    I have another question though, why are most of the files encoded at 29.97 fps, and not at 23.976 fps?

    Wasn’t Candy Boy, like most anime, really made at 24p and then telecined to 29.97 fps using 3:2 pulldown for the NTSC DVD release? Wouldn’t it then be the job of the encoder to inverse/reverse this telecine? For comparison, I think Frostii’s releases are entirely encoded at 23.976 fps.

    For some reason EX 01 and the music videos in this release are actually encoded at 23.976 fps as one might expect. Why aren’t they all?

  43. @SpaceKozak:

    The episodes are VFR or Variable Frame Rate. The ending themes are running @ 30fps (29.976 fps) and the rest are running @ 24fps (23.976). On a different not: the ending themes are a special case because it’s a progressive video over interlaced credits… damn I forgot what it’s actually called. Meaning without proper care, the credits will look ugly with combing/interlacing artifacts. The rest of the release like the music videos are spare because they’re not VFR. It’s probably irrelevant to some, though. I assure you the episodes are running at 24fps like they normally do.

    Admittedly, there are some VFR releases that read 24fps. We’re doing a different style of encoding, so it reads 30fps.

  44. OK, thank you, that explains it!

    I didn’t know about this VFR nor that ending themes could actually be native “30p”/run at a different frame rate (is this usually the case?). I guess you learn something new every day and I need to be more careful in the future, while watching an episode and hitting CTRL+J (I’m using MPC-HC) it actually says ~24fps in the middle of the episode.

    So I guess it’s safe to watch this release at 23.976hz on my LCD TV, except for the ending themes.

  45. Fileserve Links are not working

  46. Links died ages ago. The only option (currently) is download them via bittorrent: http://shin-gx.fansub-torrents.com/%5BSHiN-gx%5D%20Candy%20Boy%20%5BDVD%5D%5B480p%20h.264%5D.torrent

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