December 11, 2010

Chu de geso~!

Click each of these screenshots here, here, here, here, and here, and tell me what’s the first thing you noticed. No? Found nothing? Take a closer look. Noticed a similarity? Yep, you got it! And this brings me to this question: Shall we enforce the idea of using one dedicated font for the dialogue on every show we’re going to make in the future instead of assigning different fonts for every show?

The font I favored so far is Headache.ttf. It’s not too thin, not too flashy and has a personality that can blend in on any show. Why am I asking you? I want to know your reaction first before actually enforcing it and it’s a sort of a way to prevent a possible critical decision blunder. =)

Oh and, this is just a hypothetical question so don’t take this very seriously. What if we redo (typesetting, translation and encode) Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~?

Bossu of SHiN-gx


We’ve been criticized recently regarding the quality of our recent DVD encodes saying there are lots of haloing and other unspeakable artifacts so I’m gonna make my statement now. I’m not an encode-fu master so I’m sorry for any errors I’ve made. I will improve but not overtime though. Regarding me leaving those artifacts behind, before I encode, I ask myself this question: “Remove all those artifacts by blurring the hell out of the video and kill some details or reduce/minimize the artifacts while retaining a crisp video and preserving some details and accept the fact that there’s no perfect way to get rid of them?” If you got a better option, please do tell me.

With that said, there will be a version 2 of Aki Sora – Yume no Naka episode 1 and redoing Sasameki Koto DVD encodes. Episodes 1-4v2, 5-8 this January… hopefully. And… De geso~!



  1. You should take a look at TV-Nihon’s subs. they tend to use a font that fits the series’s tone and style.

  2. Hm.. Shoujo Sect that would be nice. 😀

    Now on the matter of the screen shots and Font.

    In the screen shots I noticed the difference in the resolutions, the font and the colours looked a little low on contrast.

    Also, are those screen shots w/ Headache? If so then no.

    I enjoy the different fonts used and see them as part of the personal touch each group brings to a fansub.. But I also understand finding the right font can be a bit of a pain so a recycle here and there is understandable. Ex. Moe show B this Summer feels a lot like Moe Show A from winter and the fonts would go great.

    If you decided to do the one font thing, I will die a little inside but continue to watch your releases cause you the bring quality! 🙂

  3. Your current font feels perfect fine to me =)
    Along with your slight shade changes for simultaneous lines from different characters, I think it works very well, and is easy and straightforward to read. Doesn’t take up too much space, either. =D

  4. I’d say that using one font for all your releases would be great. I don’t know how things work – but I’ll take it that you guys (specifically the typesetter or encoder? I’m not sure.) decides on what font to use.

    I’ve no problems with the font you guys used – I actually find it “neat” and “clean” to look at. Though, that’s my personal opinion – I don’t know what kind of font other prefer.

    If someone’s that particular about font, they can use the KMPlayer which has the option to change the font, color, opacity, positioning, size, etc. without damaging the original subtitles that came with the video.

  5. I think the font is fine as is. Its easy to read on a TV screen from a far, and doesn’t cause issues squinting or anything. So I have no issue really.

    On Shoujo Sect, I’m game for a redo, just to see how it would compare for the hellavit.

    And stuff.

  6. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ I think people should quit whining and bitching lol.

  7. I haven’t had an issues with your font, with the exception of that red and white one from K-ON!!. Remember that? Haha. But like what mastertmg said, use a font that fits the show. And while the red and white font you used to use for K-ON!! was well themed, it was only a good idea on paper. When actually watching the show though, it was bothersome.

    Using one font for most your shows would be a better idea. And if you come across a show that you simply think needs a specific font because it goes hand in hand, then do it. You guys have always had my support.

    Oh, and stay away from yellow font. That is soooooo 2 generations ago. Can’t stand HorribleSubs’ Samurai Girls.

  8. I have to say I think the right font makes a huge difference to a decent sub. Different fonts suit different types of show or even different types of character. It’s not just the font family either, effective colouring can also add an extra dimension if done right. Good quality coloured subs are easier to read which makes high action scenes are to follow IMO). A good example is Static Sub’s Mai HiME/Otome – now, I know a of of people didn’t like the coloured subs but personally I thought they were great and helped me follow the story so much better. Everyone I know has updated their collections with the SS versions of My HiME/Otome and AniDB lists them as the single highest rated subs of these shows to date.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion but I’m a big fan of your work and I’ll keep coming back for more whatever you choose. I guess if I have one request it’s this: please at least think about it for a while. Enforcing one font for all shows is too drastic IMHO, the whole reason styled soft-subs exist is because we’ve all been complaining for years that vobsub and srt mechanisms are just too primitive. Most viewers want more that just an bottom-centred white font for everything.

    Thanks for listening


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