Sono Hanabira OVA version 2 [dead]

December 27, 2010

I think she farted.

I was bored the entire Christmas holiday (and gained weight at the same time), so I made this: Sono Hanabira OVA with improved/modified video encode. If you’ve seen the old version, notice the video has lots of haloing, sharpening artifacts, and lots of noise. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t bother asking and be happy with the release you have. To those who know, your lucky day, I guess. The source was not really good and I ignored those compression artifacts and I just went ahead and encode it. In this version, I removed roughly 90% of those artifacts and the results are kinda mixed. It’s a bit blurry, a very, very, very tiny bit of detail were lost, some of the artifacts remain visible (removing them further will damage the video like stained glass), but on the plus side, it’s cleaner and crisper than the previous encode. Other changes? None. Only the encode.

DDL link is right below. It’s available for DDL only. Tell me what you think of the re-encode. Really, DO TELL ME! I can’t tell I improved or not without any sort of comment. *ahem* I will replace the old version with this version depending on the reaction and comments of the downloaders. *ahem* Before you click on that link, here’s a summary of the OVA (to those who haven’t seen it yet):


Two high school girls doing high school girly things together – limited only to polite hand gestures and oral hygiene awareness. One is named after the word “lion” and one is named after the word “dance.” And it’s yuri. And it’s hentai.

DDL: (Megaupload)

Linked with your Sweetheart v2 (h.264+softsubs+10 languages)

DDL: (HotFile)

Linked with your Sweetheart v2 (h.264+softsubs+10 languages)

UPDATED: Sono Hanabira OVA is OUT!!!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can (if this ever is available in bittorrent) and if you wish to support the group for future projects, a little donation helps!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


Merry Christmas (belated), y’all!



  1. no torrent?


  2. @suiton:

    No torrent for now. If this version is okay, I’ll release it via bittorrent.

  3. I made side by side screenshots for comparison where’s a good place to upload a 2mb imagewithout any resize?

  4. @CS:

    Try http://screenshotcomparison.com/

  5. I was expecting joke subs when I saw the screenshot, haha… maybe you guys can do that next time you’re bored XD include it as a second subtitle track or something =P

  6. Not only is it a little blurry. The AR is slightly different.


    I think I liked the original better.

  7. @CR:

    It’s “blurred” due to the filters I used to clean out the source. Notice the noise level on Reo’s face and sharpening artifacts (whitish band across the outlines) on the first version. AR is different because there were 2 pixels on the right that needed to be removed.

  8. I also like the original better from those screenshots. I think the level of “blur” is too much compared to the benefits.

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