Working!! DVD batch 6 is OUT!!!

February 1, 2011

Yes. Finally. We. Are. Back!

One volume down! Volume 6 covers episodes 10-11. Episode 10 is probably one of the funniest episodes next to the Yamada, Yamada episode. It focuses more on Souta and Mahiru’s relationship and some funny bits between Satou and Yachiyo. Episode 11 is focused more on the old days of Satou, Yachiyo, and Kyouko. Of course, there’s some cute bits between Souta and Mahiru.

Before we go to the notes and links, we’d like to thank you, Ma15 for translating Working!! for us. You’re our life-saver!  Check out some of his work here. Also, we’d like to introduce you to Senna_Wong our new QC’er. She (or was she a he? Forgot. Sorry. <_<) did the QC for Working!! and will QC for us for our future projects. =) Actually we have two new staff members. We’ll introduce the second one in our Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka~ episode 2 release. Yep. We didn’t drop the show. =)


17:00 – 17:17 – In the previous line, Takanashi says “shakai” which means “society/the real world.”  Here, Nazuna is saying “sakai” which can translate to “on the verge of life and death,” thus her reaction. It’s a Japanese word humor and admittedly, we find it hard to localize this pun into English.


Working!! 10 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 11 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Working!! 10 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 11 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)

DDL: (Hotfile)

Working!! 10 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 11 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)


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Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can and if you wish to support the group for future projects, a little donation helps! We’re building a computer for encoding purposes. Our aging core2 is… Not sufficient. Help!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


Best character in Working!!… EVER!



  1. Hellll yeah.

  2. You make it sound like I had a sex change op >.<
    Anyhow… I'm finding it hard to choose between Mio and Aoi now =P
    Finally… Poplar like girls? XD

  3. I’m no longer in Shini-subs btw so removing that bit would be great for me and most likely for them C: and the last volume should come soon (hopefully). Been slack as well as making kara for bakemonogatari

  4. will wait for the dvd batch

  5. Yadama agrees.

  6. Yeah. Hope the final DVD can be finished too so we can have our batch (not to mention xvid – hopefully you guys are still doing it as said)

  7. Working!! DVD batch 6 = WIN

  8. Oh, also, I’d hold off on a second-gen i5 (Sandy Bridge) based solution until they get a new chipset out. The existing H67/P67 “Cougar Point” chipsets have issues with their 3Gbps SATA ports. It doesn’t affect the SATA 3.0 6Gbps ports, and overall it doesn’t look like as big of issue as the news outlets say… but better safe than sorry.

    Alternatively you could just use only the SATA 3.0 ports, but they only include a couple of those IIRC.

  9. Yamada is not amused by the misspelling of Yamada’s name.

  10. @Yamada:

    Spelling error in the script? Please pinpoint it.

  11. Yay! More Working!!

    @Alexvrb: Actually you probably can’t even buy Sandy Bridge now if you tried. Most retailers have already pulled all of the stock. Meanwhile my SB board arrives tomorrow. I’m probably going to have to return it and wait until April for the replacement. Lucky me. D:

  12. @SHIN-gx Yamada says no. “Just the above post. Yadama agrees.”
    Yamada blames coffee and computers.

  13. *compares Yamada pics with:

    I see now why SHiN thinks Yamada’s the best 😉

  14. Episode 11 is out, yay!

  15. thanks for the work!

  16. I am glad you didn’t cancel this with all the trouble you had. I look forward to the final disc being done.

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