Working!! DVD Batch 7 is OUT!!!

March 22, 2011

Twelve down and one more to go!

This is the last volume of Working!! and… it’s kinda disappointing they didn’t include the credit-less versions of the opening and ending themes. Working!! is one of those shows that has a good balance of witty writing,  pacing, interesting characters, non-slapstick comedy, and romance. It’s unfortunate that it’s 13 episodes long — there are some good stuff in the manga that are begging to get animated. Yamada’s background, more of Satou’s unrequited love, development between Souta and Mahiru, Souma’s connection with the KGB and CIA, etc. ;_;


Before we get to the links, there’s something I want to address to everyone. Due to good old fashion stupidity by someone with fake credentials, we’re gonna redo Working!! 10-11. Redo as in start from scratch. We no longer support those episodes but if you wish to watch them because you want to see Working!! episodes 12-13, go ahead. Torrents are still alive and there’s DDL if the torrents are slow for you. Batch torrent very, very soon.

Other than that, enjoy!


Working!! 12 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 13 FINAL DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)


Working!! 12 DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)
Working!! 13 FINAL DVD (h.264+softsubsx2)


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The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


In case you didn’t know, we’re subbing A-Channel and Hanasaku Iroha. A-Channel is our flagship project this season and we’re teaming up with MSPN-SUBS for Hanasaku Iroha. For more info, see HERE and HERE. Oh and considering our track record… wish us luck! We really, really need it.



  1. Yamada says WHAT!?!?!?! There’s even more back story!!! Hmmmm must read.

  2. @Yamada:

    Indeed. It involves around a certain relative of Yamada.

  3. A real relative or one that Yamada “adopts”? Such as Otou-san actually becoming her otoosan? XD

  4. Finally it’s here! The wait is over! Thanks very much. By the way, you guys are still doing the Xvid versions for the batch as promised, right?

  5. @ranmachua:

    Yes, of course. Don’t worry about it too much. We will not forget. =)


    Close. Someone who is close to home. =P

  6. But I thought Yamada’s home burnt down… oh wai—

  7. Thanks

  8. Thanks alot guys

  9. Where’s the link for episode 13? I want to see ep 13 too !!

  10. @Joker:

    We’re still working on it. ETA, not sure. Probably this weekend. No guarantees, okay? =)

  11. O.o i see . Ok.! Will wait for your release no matter it’s this weekend, or next weekend . Hope not next year!

  12. thanks for the work!!!!

  13. When is the Working ep 13 link going to be active ?

  14. @Kairi:

    Not sure, to be honest. We’re very… low in manpower and hardware.

  15. Try your best!!

  16. I will wait forever for you SHiN. Just get it out before Season 2 and I will be pleased.

  17. Hi, 1st thing, I want to thank you for subbing Working!! DVDs. 🙂

    It seems ep 13 is taking quite a long time to come out. I wonder why….??

    What kind of help do you need for ep 13 to be out? If there’s anyway I can help, I offer my fullest help. 🙂

  18. Oh yea, just wondering…
    Is the TL for ep 13 done? If yes, is it possible to post the subtitle file (.ass or .srt or whatever) for people to download? At least those guys with the raws can still watch it. 🙂
    Just a suggestion.
    Anyway, thank you very much for subbing Working!! DVDs. Really great job. 🙂

  19. @Raploh:

    Yes, the TL is kinda busy so we’ll go along with his pace. If you’re suggesting we provide the unedited script, that’s a no. We tried that once and we were hated for it.

  20. Working second season previews are out. Will we get Ep13 before the new season starts? After all you did announce Batch 7 is out over a month ago.

  21. @Kairi:

    Yes, we will get the final episode out as soon as we can. We’re as eager as everybody else. =)

  22. When will be Ep 13 will be out u guys r taking so long. 1 month delay.

  23. I hope you guys are still completing this series. 1 more episode to go only… And then the batch…

  24. 1 more episode to go for the DVD… Yatta!!!

  25. I was just wondering why you uploaded episode 12 on fileserve instead of megaupload.

  26. @Hana-chi:

    We’re implementing FileServe into our set of DDL options. We temporarily disabled the Megaupload links for the mean time. If you want to use Megaupload to download Working!!, go here http://www.megaupload.com/?f=8VSXZ2QL

  27. Since ep 13 wasn’t released as soon as you had planned and if you were to release now using this post (as you planned, hence the links) it may go unnoticed being buried 3+ pages in older entries, does that mean you will give ep 13 a new release post?
    Also you have mentioned re-release of eps 10+11, will 13 release first?

    An occassional status notice would be appreciated as from this release post whatever is delaying ep 13 was not envisioned at the time the post was written

  28. So, when the last episode will come out?

  29. IT’S OUT!

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