Discontinue XviD version for bittorrent?

March 27, 2011

The thing is, our resources are very limited so we’re gonna prioritize the MKV versions and we’re gonna restrict the XviD or AVI versions to DDL only until those shows are complete. We will then release the AVI versions in batch torrents. How about it?

– SHiN

And yes, we’re still doing Hanasaku Iroha and A-Channel even if they’ve been acquired by some streaming site-thingy.



  1. Uhhhm… okay as long as it is not some crappy DDLs.

  2. From D_P:

    You get to choose between Megaupload and HotFile. We’re not providing a dedicated server for DDL.

  3. That’s fine. ^^

  4. Softsubs & H264 rule !!

  5. For all I care, you guys should really ditch the XviD and .avi format all together. No group (rippers, fansubbers, etc) should bother with such crappy quality these days.

    It’s a waste of time and resources, and to those who complain that they don’t have computers that can handle the HD stuff, well then too bad. They should really move up to HD capable machines by now. Or they could, oh I don’t know, buy the actual DVD/BluRays?


    Please stop catering to those still stubborn to upgrade to HD capable machines.

  6. Xvid is a relic anyway. There’s no point in using such a horrible codec. You can get far superior quality with the same file size using x264. It is a mystery to me why anyone still uses Xvid.

    One of the reasons I love anime encoders is almost all of them use x264. Groups that encode American tv shows use almost 100% Xvid and it pisses me off constantly.

    Keep up the good work guys, love your releases.

  7. not downloaded .avi since footprints in the sand… 3 years ago?

    viva la-Matroska! viva la-revolutiona!

  8. Ok, I don’t care for XVID myself but give this venerable codec some respect. Back in the day when (gag…) Realmedia and DivX where the shit XVID was the only codec you could get for free. It offered better quality than RM and it was comparable to DivX (actually i believe XVID is based on DivX). So don’t be so quick to diss grampa. So yeah, relegate XVID to DDL, it’s probably tired as hell.

  9. yep, get with the times. XviD is no longer relevant.

  10. Sounds fine to me, as long as I still can get my x-vid version. It’s the easiest for me to copy directly to my PS3’s HDD and view directly. Using my dinosaur laptop as a media server to stream MKVs doesn’t work for me.

  11. I agree with Krunchie. It may be a relic but it is the easiest to convert and transfer to disc so that I can watch in my bedroom instead at the computer. I can wait for the batch so long as I can get the XviD or AVI versions. BTW, thanks for the great work!

  12. i would prefer if sub also did xvid(avi) because i like that format, x264 has to be constantly updated and that what pisses me off hate how i have to update it.

    i don’t mind if xvid comes after mkv as long someone does it

    thanks for your hard work

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