Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai 01 is OUT!!!

April 4, 2011

I’m stalking her using my 3D digital camera!

Technically not our release. This is the remux version of MSPN’s release. The original version didn’t have subtitles so I released this as a temporary replacement. It has the subs, fonts, etc. Everything is fixed in this version. MSPN will make a superior version 2 so if you’re patient, wait for them. If not, download this. =3


Go pay them a visit!

Oh and in case you didn’t know, we’re teaming up with them for Hanasaku Iroha.

– SHiN



  1. oooo this looks interesting

    thanks shin πŸ˜€

  2. Dude, Need Seeds

  3. Seed plz

  4. Seed

  5. I saw on anidb it’s TV censored… 😦
    if i have to watch it, i will wait for DVD or BRrips…

  6. Are you guys doing this and if so on a regular basis as well?

  7. @ranmachua:

    It’s MSPN’s project and they say it’s their main project for the season so… yeah. If you’re asking about me announcing the release here in SHiN-gx, then that’s a no. I only did this because the group had a rough start.

    Oh yeah, for your earlier question, yes, we’re still providing XviD for our releases but they’re only available on DDL and final batch torrent.

  8. oh pui~ i was hoping SHiN and a certain Mamiko-lover will pick Oretsubasa as a joint project this season οΌˆο½€γƒΌΒ΄οΌ‰

    j/k lol.

    all is well as long as there’s an alternative other than CR.

    I seriously thought CR was part of an April fools joke.. up until now.

  9. btw…i love their “KEEP OUT!” πŸ˜›

  10. @Hime: Dude, get with the times. [Mamiko] has changed and we no longer support Noto πŸ˜›


    Also, fancy seeing you here >.>

  11. Does this contain hentai?

  12. Hey, I jest went to MSPN site & they said their group is dead!!!! Is this still an April Fool’s joke?

  13. @ranmachua:

    Unfortunately, it’s true. The group is dead. All thanks to unneeded fansub drama or I love to call “immaturity.”

    Another disappointment is we won’t help them fansub Tsubasa. Priorities first.

  14. Hey, just wondering, are you guys subbing episode 2?

  15. @TadeshiED:

    Unfortunately, no. Some groups will sub this though, don’t worry.

  16. Those first few seconds have a striking resemblance to Persona 4.

  17. Aha, damn okay. I’ve been waiting for it to be subbed since it came out raw but still, no one has subbed it yet! 😦

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