A-Channel episode 01 is OUT!!!

April 23, 2011

Intimacy at its finest.

Sorry for waiting, blah, blah, blah. This took a while to finish because, yada, yada, yada. We finally released our flagship project! …at least an episode of it.

Now for the obvious – remember what we said about sticking to one font? This time around we picked a different one for A Channel because for some reason, Headache.ttf is giving some viewers some serious headach… okay bad joke. The new font fit the show nicely, to be honest. Heck, the editor said it’s a nice font! If you don’t like Cheap Signage, express your displeasure in the comment field below. We might reconsider.

A-Channel is typically similar to any 4-girl slice of life show out there. Each episode (will) consist of them meeting new friends, eat lunch together at the rooftop, going to PE classes, meet unusual teachers, usual lesbian fanservice via misunderstandings (no, really), all that good stuff. Yeah, I know, the format is kinda “used up,” but hey, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Personally, the show is very cute and the characters are very likable… LIKE THEY SHOULD! Really, they’re so heart-warming, they made me forget the awfully cliched Madoka ending that almost killed me. The music is very catchy and the production values are very high. We get the usual CG cars, detailed hand-drawn backgrounds, etc. Speaking of backgrounds, it’s so realistically detailed, they make the character designs look out of place. Think of putting Lucky Star characters in Hanasaku Iroha. But that’s just me.

Before we get to the links, we would like to introduce our new member fadinglyte! He’ll be in charge of QC for A-Channel and Hanasaku Iroha. He’ll also do editing for our future projects. And lastly, we thank Nani Subs for helping us with the Hanasaku Iroha and A-Channel scripts. Thanks, comrades! (P.S. They need a distro.)




Go HERE for the updated episodes


A-Channel (h.264+softsubs)
A-Channel (XviD+hardsubs)


See: DDL Page


Drop by our IRC channel!


Krayger – TL
Chef Trace – TLC
nx0 – Editing
SHiN – Typesetting
Phycoforce – Encoding
Gibby – Distro
fadinglyte – QC

Comments? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? Please tell us!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can and if you wish to support the group for future projects, a little donation helps!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


Uh, whoops! Sorry about the misspelling at 16:56. My fault actually, didn’t look it up and was thinking portals. ;_; We’ll fix it in the batch release. – SHiN


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  1. And you don’t know what is waiting on the next chapter x3 ¡¡¡¡¡¡NAGI!!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡RULES!!!!!!!

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